Turquoise Paradise : Maldives !!

By May 4, 2015Wanderlust

Playing with the naughty waves…

Falling in love with the sweet whispers of blowing through the shore…

Just having a lazy walk by shore gazing stars around!!

I just love the beaches you might have guessed it right 🙂

Crisp White Silver kissed beaches; Gentle Wave Splashes hugging the Turquoise Coral beach; quiet glance at the beaches scattered picturesque on a hammock!! Argh!! Sounds Bliss : My dives in the Sea : Maldives 🙂 Maybe that’s the reason; it tops the list of Most Romantic Beach and Beach-stays in the World.

Maldives has 2 seasons: the dry season i.e. August till April and the wet season or the drizzling i.e. May to July which makes it even more romantic. So basically it is pleasant to be travelled all round the year. Water-sports: Scuba-Diving, Snorkelling are amongst the main highlights there.
Maldives and its Luxurious Beach-Stays are very popular amongst the travellers of all the ages. It is a Classic Combo where Nature meets Architecture; we find some of the Most Exquisite Resorts with Marvellous Designs and Super-fascinating Amenities.


Conrad is a Resort; Class apart from the Rest in Maldives. I guess it’s pillared with the Motto; Experience a Whole New World Beneath!!   The highlight of the resort being “         the under – water gives a Glimpse of the Beautiful Water –World spread across its Rooms, the lobby and the Dining Area!! It is beautifully Architectures; blends comfort, luxury with Innovation. This certainly reminds of the Little Mermaid and her Lovely Water- World J being quite well equipped with the amazing techies and the water- sports activities done in the premises it is definitely one of the “Most Amazing Places to Visit.”

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