Symbol of Love: Taj Mahal

By May 4, 2015Wanderlust
View of Taj from the Bank of River Yamuna

When we say “Divine Memento of Love !!” what is the first thing that comes to mind ; Taj Mahal !! indeed no doubts or confusion on that front 🙂 Since Ages “Taj ” has been enthroned among the Most Romantic Places to be: Wonder of the World !! It is certainly add to the pride and honor of our county India; and it indeed a National Jewel as well and we are madly in love with it.

It is not just an historic monument but an Architectural Marvel in itself crafted in Milky Marble, Manifested to perfect ” Symbol of Immortal Love” ; built by Emperor Shah Jahan in honor for his soul-mate ; his wife Mumtaz Mahal. He wanted to Create a piece of Art which would signify the depth of his love for her and which would remain immortal for the years to follow. The Tomb of Mumtaaz Mahal has been rested beneath the Taj Mahal (main dome) to be present there and witness the beauty of love.

It is beautiful Garden Facing;Centrally located White Marble domed Structure with four porches on four sides sweetly placed on the banks of River Yamuna. It is said that after quite some filtered search and research; the perfect location (where it stands perfectly) had been approved by Shah Jahan for this historical monument.

The overall look and feel is dominated by Islamic-style of Architecture; it truly captivates the zen.The Main Gateway, wherein we get the first glimpse of the main monument ; the Landscaped Garden- wherein the reflection of the Taj falls on the pond ; the interior of the dome; the intricate floral details stud with different colors and semi-precious stones. Each of it minute detail introduces with the level of high-end craftsmanship the performers must put-in.

It took about 17 years and 20,000 skilled performers; to complete the Master-piece and they had to cut these fingers so that they cannot duplicate the art of this Mausoleum.It is the Timeless Treasure of Love.

True Love never Dies!!

Maybe this Saying proves itself through the Sheer presence of Taj Mahal.  According to the Holy Quran: Floral representation resembles Jannat (Paradise) It is one of the Major reasons; the intricate detailing, the calligraphy is inspired by the Floral Finish. On keen observation of interiors; it is really difficult to find a patch which connects the internal walls, domes and the doors. On the Whole the Entire Structure is carved with Perfection!! The floral carvings studded with jewels, calligraphy done with the right amount of colours; Absolute Treat to the eyes

The Soul of Taj Mahal is the Divine love of a Lover towards to his Love; Life and Wife!!For centuries, the Taj Mahal has inspired poets, painters and musicians to try and capture its elusive magic in word, colour and song. Since the 17th century, travellers have crossed continents to come and see this ultimate memorial to love. It does not matter how many photos you see or how many shows you watch, you must see this in person to truly appreciate it. It is the ultimate in ethereal beauty Many philosophers,artists across the Globe, since ages have been inspired by it to describe it but :

The words cannot describe express it you need to Experience the Magic.

So the next time, you feel to add sweetness of love; you know where exactly you need to be


P.S:  I have mentioned the craftsmen as performers because the detailing and floral details curved on the Taj Symbolises sheer Great Performance.


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