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By August 10, 2017Wanderlust

Delights of Road-tripping is that You can stop anywhere and Wander! ItΒ was the February Roadtrip wherein I had made it to Middle of Nowhere in the Heart of Gir Wildlife Sanctuary Wherein I found this Cute Jaggery Making Factory (Chichodo as said in Gujarati) was located!

Generally the Jaggery Making Units are generally functional between the November -February as the Sun is not that Harsh!

Ever Wondered why is it So Sweet…. I may say bcoz of the People who Work Much Harder than We can Imagine to Make it for Us!

Cuteness overload!

We all have a Dabba full of Jaggery isn’t : Granular, Semi-Liquid in Texture, Rocky-Rusty in Color : Pretty Thich in Consistency Quite – The Big Brother of Sugary Sis ; Jaggery it is!

Okay,in this post let me take take you on the Tour of the Process of Making of the Jaggery as it is quite Exciting to actually see it being made in front of One’s eyes!

Gir Wildlife Sanctuary!

As I enter, find heaps and heaps of Sugarcanes stacked!

I was informed that there is Family of around 10 people who have Come down all the Way from M.P to Gujarat for this Project. It was around 11 a.m and the Sun was Crisp, Sharp and over my Head! As I enter I find So many ladies working there : My Heart beats in Pride!

Jaggery Making Unit!

Sugarcane is put down in the Sugar-Cane Processing Unit which all have seen while having Sugar-cane juice right!

This is a Bit Bigger Unit – that’s the Only Difference!

Jaggery making unit!

Sugar-Cane Juice Unit!

Okay from here, the process starts – the Juice Cane Juice is tranported to this BIG Underground Ovens – You have 3 Pans holding around 25- 30 litres of Sugar-cane juice in each of them.

Jaggery Making Unit!

The Juice enters the Cooking Pans!

These Cooking Pans, are constructed Underground! these are heated heated and heated in three different Pans…

Jaggery Making Unit!

the 3 hot pans where the Juice is transferred consecutively!

The First Pan has a slightly lesser temperature where the Juice is stirred evenly and transferred to the Next Pan 2 which has the Higher temperature than Pan 1!

the stirring process!

In the Pan 2- the Impurities are taken away, White Color is also added to the Jaggery to Beautify the Bio-product! Over a period of Seconds, the juice starts Heating up- boiling and the Juice begins to Harden!

The Impurities are taken away!

Juice is then transferred to Pan 2 to Pan 3 how – By Human Forces!

The Transfer!

In the Last Pan, the continuous stirring happens and the Juice is almost in the Semi-Solid Condition

when you look at something like this – Jaggery seems like Magic to Me πŸ™‚

this is one of the Most Traumatic Phase for a Human!

As Sun starts fiercely heating up so does the Oven and the People working on it! At this Stage, the Jaggery is almost done. This Semi-liquid Jaggery is drown to the Pass-away from behind. This Hide-out place is used for Cooling it down!

Stored in a Cool Shady Place, and transferred to Storage Containers!

It is beaten up and agained transferred to a Last Compartment where the Jaggery “Lived Happily Ever After Types !”

The Final Stage looks like this!

From here : the Jaggery is packed in Boxes and transportated to the Different Parts of the Country.

the Jaggery is Done!

This is the End is it! Not exactly. Remember the Sugar-Cane is being Juiced and the Residue laying in the Dust-Bin here the Story is Completely different and Inspiring!

The Residue Thrash is collected ✌🏻 and spread over a Stretch of Land under the Sun was a Sun-Bath.

The Thrash Residue is collected by Ladies : and Dumped into a Backyard. It stays around here for A Day for Sun-drying after which it is used as the One of Fuel for the Underground Oven! Thoughtful isn’t it*

There is Beauty in Every Corner of this Place!

The Process is So Simple yet Beautiful. The Efforts and the Perservance of the People working towards add that Special Sweetness to Jaggery I guess that May be One of the Reason – that Jaggery is more tastier than Sugar.( I gguess)

After being Sun-bathed for a Couple of Days..the thrash is used as the Fuel for the Under-ground Oven!

While being hopping in and around the Unit, I found this Bundle of Joy *_*

In the middle of Nowhere, I find Cutenes πŸ™‚

This Small Bubli Boo : Raja was 7 months old (as on Feb πŸ˜…) and his Eyes – He was the Complete Delight and Star-Attraction of this Trip! He actually gave me a One reason to love what I do : Blog πŸ™‚

The Jaggery is also sold here : I got one only and only looking at the Sincere Efforts of the People working Day in and Out at this Project leaving their Hometown and living in the Middle of the Jungle.

P.S All the Pics are edited on @Googlesnapseed App

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