Kumbh Mela : Reunion of the Lost and Found !!

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Kumbh-Mela Don’t tell me you have imagined the 70’s and 80’s decade ‘s tattooed  Male Lead protagonist blaring Maaaaaa………..searching for his lost family members amongst the Vast Crowd of Colorful people !! But yes that is the General Image of Kumbh- Mela which we have in mind thanks to our Hindi Cinema 🙂

A Step further let’s see the Mytho about Kumbh-Mela:  As per the Legends the Churning of  Milk Ocean (Samudra Manthan) between the Lords and Devils gave the Holy Pot of Nectar  i.e Kumbh of Amrut which spelled some of its part in water of Ganges at Allahabad ; (Prayag) and Varanasi  ; River Godavari  in Nashik  ; River Shipra in Ujjain. The Kumbh is held every three years across these 4 places in rotation !! Now that we know the strategic importance of Kumbh-Mela let us discover the Stories of Reunion from the Lost and Found there.

It touches Life completely -Fishing of Coins ; Food – offerings at Langars ; Sages – yogic karma ; lakhs of people serving mankind in every possible way  !! People don’t take on Kumbh but Kumbh does take on the people with the 360 degree change. As Crores and Crores of people per square km with different countries ; castes ; walk at different walks of life but there is Common Feeling of ” Being at Kumbh” which binds them together. The Very feeling of bathing in the Holy Water with the belief that they are here for the Divine and He Empowers falls for every Situation and Circumstance that comes their way.


Pic Source: mahakumbhutsav.wordpress.com

At the Biggest Gathering of World where crores of people from different aspects of Human Society come down with a Common Plan of Action ; security, Medication and above all Survival is a biggest challenge for the Government ; but the officials at the Kumbh- Mela believe the Kumbh-Mela is Self-governed Gathering where the Supreme Authority takes over as Governing Crores of People together at a Single Point of Time is Practically not possible as per the Officials.

Kumbh Mela has played a Dominant role in the Hearts of Zillions of Yogis all around the Globe ; is playing and will always continue to play in the future as Being a Part of Every Kumbh which happens to be their Way of Life what exactly leads them to be a Part of Kumbh will serve the Inspiration to the Zillions more to come down and Experience it. Kumbh- Mela is and always be the Platform of Re-union to get lost and find themselves and also to those who want to find themselves while getting lost !!

So what’s your inspiration to Explore the Kumbh 🙂 this is a part of when we are making a move towards the Kumbh- Mela to take on 🙂

P.S : The exact evolution of the Kumbh is not quite known but the Ancient Chinese Travelers in their books have referred to as one of the Most Gigantic Gatherings on Earth with people from across the Globe.

Need more info of the cycle and different types of Kumbh-Mela plz refer :http://kumbhmela.co.in/kumbhmela.html

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