How about Waking up with the Roar of Elephants!!

By May 4, 2015Wanderlust

Life is a Beautiful Experience 🙂 wherein we find ourselves while losing and loose something while winning over !! Totally unpredictable; uncertain!!

In this journey full of uncertainties: a small cup of tea, a cool walk , listening to your favorite music, being close of nature, reading makes all the difference.

It certainly add a sense of depth to life and makes the moment come alive 🙂 these sweet little moments together branch out into a memorable moments for a “Lifetime.”So come along, together will create and share “Memories @”

Being centrally located with River flowing by; makes it Every Photographer’s Delight. The Architecture of the Safari Lodge being the highlight; is designed and executed by a Team of Renowned Interior experts who have uniquely designed the Resort that it has the Combination of ; the Thrill of Safari with a Chic element of Luxury Comfort .All the eight Luxury Villas are designed in a specific pattern wherein the Bath-rooms, Bedroom and Living-room provide the breath-taking view of the Jungle as well as the Different Creatures of Jungle. The In-house team also helps you out the Sp.Safari Expeditions and Nature Trails in and around the Sanctuary.

The Resort being located in the Interior of the Sanctuary, provides a Home to the Wild-life there as well as the Fellow Travelers. It does not harm the counterpart in any way. This Luxurious Resort also provides Unique add-ons like Sp. Pick-up and Drop via Private Helicopter ride from Cape Town. South-Africa is a Unique Combination of Colonel Establishment with Warm African Heart. So It makes it ideal Family Destination during the Winters as well as the Summer Vacations. So the next time when you want to Spend your Vacations plus have Some Quality Family Time together With Extended Family; you know where to head on right 🙂


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