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By May 13, 2015Wanderlust

When in Ahmedabad ; Do as the Gujju’s do : Eat ; Sleep ; Khaman , Fafda and Repeat 🙂

Apart from Enjoying the Mouth-Watering Delicacies ; you also mark your Attendance to Cultural Rich Indian Heritage Site of Adalaj Stepwell (Adalaj Ni Vav. )

How to Reach

photographers delight !!

photographers delight !!

Quick Into Brief about Adalaj Stepwell 

  • The Amalgamation of Islamic floral patterns with Indo stature of the Main Structure makes Adalaj Stepwell So Unique in its Pattern and Exhibit. Built with 3 Unique entrances ; leading to the Main Mandapa ; octagonal pillars with intricate carvings surrounding 5-storey Step-well  adds to its Architectural Richness. Jharokhas facing the Central Entrance ; Royal Jain and Buddhist Panels running parallel to the Main Mandapa depicting the day-to-day chores. All adding up to the Royal elegance to this Architectural Wonder.
  • Built in the honour of the Queen Roopba by the Waghela King Veer Singh of Dandai Province in the year 1498. Being attacked by Muslim king Mohammed Begda ;  Veer Singh was killed !! and the well was left incomplete. Mesmerised by the beauty of  the Queen Rooba ; Begda proposed to marry  him  ; helpless Roopba agreed to Marry under the condition that he would complete the Incomplete Roopvati Vav
  • Once the Step-well was completed in the year 1499 ; the Queen walked down the stairs of the Step-well and ended her life.
  • Step-well served the Local Supply of Water for the Travelers passing by and also for the local people.


As soon as you enter the Mandapa, you find Jharokhas, you find the inscriptions of the Tree of Life, Panel of Elephants, Ladies churning buttermilk. You find different colors of life painted or more precisely carved to perfection. It leaves you spell-bound by its features, its art and most importantly its Beauty !!

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