Beautiful Encounter with Flamingoes!

By August 4, 2017Wanderlust
Flight of Flamingoes Chill Karo Yaar

If You are following me right on all Social Media Platforms, you might know that One of My Recent Post got featured on Β India and Also OurΒ  Β featured One! Β and that Pic I had captured on the Day of my Cousin’s Wedding Reception πŸ™ˆ this was One!

Porbander Pink Flamingoes

The First Glimpse of Beautiful Pink Flamingoes

Dont ask me about the Drama after the Photowalk πŸ˜… it is hilarious at times when people pull your leg for your Crazy Passion called “Photography!” I can write a Blog post on that but We are here for sharing the Beautiful Encounter isn’t πŸ˜‰

Porbander Flamingoes Chill Karo Yaar

This was the first Over-view when I reached this Place – Chhaya near Port of Porbander

Okay Coming to the Place, My Roadtrip from Bombay ended at Porbander (Birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi) for my Sisters Wedding. However I had researched that this Village- Chhaya located at the Tip of Port of Porbander is Home of Thousands and Thousands of Flamingoes 😍

Flamingoes Porbander

Wherever I could see- I find Flamingoes ❀️

The Flamingoes were quite near to the Land but I had the Canon Kit Lens of 55-300mm which does a limitation of the Distance so as I decide to go distant, my feet goes down inch my inch due to the Marshy Wetland and I was in an UTTER- Mess. Actually I thought that the land I was standing was A Land infact it was the Marshy Wetland πŸ™„ my Diamond stunned Kolhapuris RIP Β But when I look up….they start flying! I could not stop laughing πŸ˜›

Porbander Flight of Flamingoes

The Flight

And I could not ask for anything else in the World πŸ™‚ The People around saw in a Mess Situation and guided me theough the Wetland, After walking for around 10 minutes I found a Place which lead me to the Flamingoes.


These three Meet, Shristi and Paarth ❀️ helped Me with all these Amazing Shots πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Okay, once these three had shown me the way to the Flamingoes, I could capture Something!

Porbander Flamingoes

Birds and Colors…

You can also see the Thrash thrown Away! As Soon as I saw this Tiny little Bird, reflectiongram was the first thing which came to to my Mind!

Porbander Flamingoes

Reflections are So Calming ❀️

and One More please πŸ™‚

Porbander Flamingoes

I cannot Caption this ❀️

Somewhere in the Middle, I just stop the Camera, look around and all I did was Close my Eyes : Cherish and Lock the Landscape in front of Me!

Porbander Flamingoes

The Sun was just about to Set and the Colors were pouring in!

And I was not getting Enough of it….

Porbander Flamingoes

One more Frame please!

Within some Fraction of Seconds, the Sun disappears and All I see is…..

Porbander Flamingoes

They are going Home.

Some of the Flamingoes diappeared while there were quite some Many there! However the time was running out and All I could hear was the Hammering from my Mom and my Brothers so It was the Time to say Adios πŸ™πŸ» till we Meet Somewhere On Earth πŸ€—

Our Crew πŸ˜‰ My 2 brothers on the Sides with cutes!

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