A Quick Pick of Kanheri Caves

By May 4, 2015Wanderlust

Kanheri Caves situated in the Premises of Sanjay Gandhi National Park are one of the most Amazing Buddhist Excavated Caves in Mumbai. Surveilled under the Archaeology Survey of India ; makes it quite Clean and Disciplined for the Travelers. The Caves open-up by 7.30 in the Morning am till 5:00 pm. ( please do check it online for the precise ones).

Handy Quick-pick on Kanheri :

  • 3rd Century B.C excavated Caves on the Volcano Erupted Hills as per Archaeology Survey of India.
  • Vihara or the Prayer hall for the Buddhist Community
  • Individual Cell for Monks
  • Seating arena and Benches for groups
  • Water-storing bodies

The excavated caves are at the Epicenter of Scattered Wildlife Sanctuary. As you enter the Gate of Sanjay Gandhi National Park, you take your first step towards Nature 🙂  Guided by the Directions put up by the Park Authorities ; it is an ideal Monsoon Getaway. As you move closer to the Caves ; you come closer to Nature and its Serenity !!  Being pinged by Nature all around its my All-time Favourite Spot in the concrete Jungle of Mumbai 🙂


As you move in the interiors, there are three lovely modes to explore and Wander by the means of

  • bicycle ride
  • your own vehicle
  • buses

You can wander by any mode of transport but you are bound to get lost for sure 🙂 While if you plan to be there in the Rains ” You will be blown away with Green blanket covered all across.” You will be pleasantly surprised with the Cute Little Water flowing accompanying you.

As you move ahead with Kanheri Caves you find the Vihara on the Left Hand side, you will find multiple stone stairs embedded which leads to the different Caves scattered across on the Hill upwards!! The caves had been inscribed with minimal detailing which gives an hint that these Buddhist Caves must-have been an important Hub for the Religious Learning Centre among the Monks !!


Apart from being a Hub for  Architecture and Religious Interest, Kanheri Caves plays an important role in the Heart of all Mumbaikars. Being one of those Getaways which serve as a Lungs to the City as well as the much needed Recreational Park for people of all Ages !! There is Something For Everyone to Offer

  •  A Lake; where boating is done;
  • toy-train which is ideal for the Tiny-tots ;
  • Zoo which has Big Panthers ;
  • Pantry for the Mouth-Watering varieties

We have persuaded you enough to go ahead and Explore this Amazing Park !!


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