We wake up every morning wake up and continue with the Daily Chores right… cleaning ourselves ; cleaning the Household and maintaining a Clean Work Culture and eventually turning up to a Good Individual right 🙂 So here is a quick question why do we do that for ourselves… may bcoz we are forced to !! bcoz everyone does that !! bcoz don’t what else to do in Life …I can continue with many lazy lame excuses 😉 but the bottomline is We and Only WE are Responsible for  Own Lives.

We lead our life… so how it has to be led totally depends upon your perception how to live it !! So when we keep our Workplace or House Clean and Well-maintained  it has got nothing to do with your Neighbour Snehal Aunty or the office Mate which we might think of unless you want to flaunt it 😉 But what happens when We are travelling ; we just tend to turn a deaf ear on some of the most Common Situations !!

Let’s go and see some quick 5 Common Travel Postcards to understand it better !!

  1. Respect the Beauty of Nature.
clouds dropping !!

The Picture says it all : Beautiful Tiger Point of Lonavala with oodles of Things all around.

The Use of Dustbins can make all the Difference.

2. Support the Work of the Locals while being there with the Souvenirs and things to do while at that Place 


Beauty all around while at Kutch Rann Utsav

Because there are a many sections of society are supported by the Handicrafts and Local Souvenirs 🙂 So make it a point to buy or if not buy at least encourage some-one to be Self-independent or may be guide through.

3. Obey the Rules and Regulations : help Preserving the Heritage for years to come.

the Vijay Vilas Palace in Mandavi !!

the Vijay Vilas Palace in Mandvi !!

Help in Maintaining the Stature of the Place by paying the necessary Camera and other respective fees. One thing to remember do not  unnecessarily surrender yourself to Unwanted Hassles.

4. Be the Change you want to See….Be Human.. Be with the Locals.

Played the Role of School-teacher here 🙂

Always make it a point to leave a certain part of you wherever you go. It works Wonders not to anyone else but for yourself. If everyone does their part of it ; the world will be definitely be a better place to be.

5. Share Smiles, Joys and Don’t Forget to make Memories 

Colors of Rajasthan

We are here to create Memories right, so why not just keep it Simple and indulge in spreading Happiness all around. It is just being a Little Responsible while you are travelling !! We Enjoy , You enjoy , we all enjoy Same pinch 🙂

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