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It was a Saturday Morning, I woke up a bit late for the Berger Paints Mumbai Meet  so the Plan was that, I will go buck-up on the Speed of My Daily Chores so that I can have a Extra time for Dolling up for the Event.  I tired to Hurry-up but failed miserably as “Getting Ready for an Big Event” is never an Easy task for Me or any lady for that matter 🙂  But I did to manage to reach the Destination Vivanta by Taj in a Decent Timing. As I reached I met 2 of familiar faces Divsi Gupta and Shrinidhi Hande and I took a Sigh of Relief “hash!” I am there and the Event will Roll as Every Indiblogger Event is filled with Sweet Surprises Always ! So lets Roll it : #XpressPainting

Okay the Time to Roll Check :-

Registration ✅ 

Batch Received

Check-Inn  ✅

Lunch also done

I was officially there at the Event so why Not Go Ahead Mandatory Selfie Round of Sessions…

Once I enter the Hall, Everything was So Well Put -Up. There was A Photo Booth and We happily took a  Tour of it. It had a Beautiful Colorful Photogenic Wall with Wonderful Lights so Why not take a Groupie 🙂

That’s our Groupie !

Table with Colors and more Colors…

Team there ;  had Organised everything On the table so Beautifully it was Too Difficult to ignore the Lovely Table Arrangements.

The Arrangements were Amazing!

The Event was taken up by Mr. Anoop Johnson Co-founder of IB and Host for the Event as well ; this is  my 3rd Indiblogger Event including #BNLF which was hosted by him. His Comic timing and Hosting Skills Anchors the Event Interestingly ; actually we do not come to know : For how long are We at the Event actually. I always end up laughing at all his Jokes eventually 😀

Anoop and His Bag 💼 of Jokes

Moving further in the  Afternoon, We had 3 Team Events – the first one being the Innovative Version of the Modern Musical Chair…it was a Kind of Warm-up at the start of the Event, New Ways of Playing Musical Chairs are Now Innovated and I played Musical Chair after quite some Years !


The 2 Group Event happened to be the Sandstone Rubbing …for which We were Geared Up with Safety ! We take our Group Task Quite Seriously you know ..!

Sand Stone Group Rubbing Session with the Gear ✌🏻

As We Move ahead, Chnadranath Banerjee from Berger Paints took us Back in Time When and How was Berger Paints Founded and How did it make the Comeback in the Indian Market through the City of Kolkatta in the Year 1914. He also introduced us to the New Revolutionary “X Press Painting “ introduced in the Indian Market : How is it Going to change the “Way of Painting in India -by X Press Painting !” How the Competitors came up with their Versions which means Berger Paints are the Trendsetters with their Express Painting Feature which Rocks the Conventional Wall Water-Proofing and Coloring Techniques!

Mr.Chandrakant Gupta gave a Beautiful Brief about #BergerXp

Berger Express Painting  is very Unique Customized Quality Service  which will Revolutionize the Concept of Home Painting and Decor Management done in India. As they have made the Wall Decor and Painting for Our Home As Easy as Using an E-Commerce App : Register yourself or Just Call : Tell them the service you want and You are done. The Expert makes up to your Place personally : they Minutely scrutinize the Residence Guidelines and Conditions and Come up with their Expert Opinion on the Paint, Decor, Craftsman, Artists Everything is handled by them:) this Video Explains it all

Later, we moved on the third and the fun Part of the Afternoon where : Every Team had to Paint their Imagination on a Canvas filled the Colors of Fun, Joy , Spirit of Creativity. So We had to Go with Painting depicting the Spirit of Mumbai through Berger Paints

The Magic of Colors…The Urge to do a Better Canvas Painting for the Team or To Speak well about the Depiction of the Painting to or Has felt those.

That was our Group Painting – A Colorful Riot of Joy, Gushed and Brushes smiling with the Gateway of India – One of Highlights of Mumbai City!

Team C – Team Imagination won the Prize for Painting and it was a Well Deserved One ☝️ As We move ahead : We Come to the Prizes, there were Multiple contest Winners ; Berger Paints India had scrutinized every  Bloggers Twitter Account quite Perfectly, there were On the Spot Vouchers for So may Different Categories #SpecialPic of The Day contest which Shrinidhi Hande Won ! There was #SpecialPresence at the Event which was Won by Sanjay Thampyy there was #Picoftheday which I had Won 😀

Then there was #UnusualPic Award which was Won by @scutlicious. The Award of #Socialking was won by Anahita Irani There was #Outstanding Photo Award which was won by Divsi Gupta

The Group Painting and Sand Dusting contest was combined and the Winner team was Announced as Team C.

While the Time was running out, We were counting the Memories, Moments of Joy which We Experienced and Which might want to Collect and Remember at every phase of Life. We need to Add Colors to our Passion, our Dreams our Life our Emotions as you never know which Color from where it might turn your Life into Splashes of Beautiful Colorful Rainbow 🌈

P.S : The Event was through Invite only : I was informed about the Event by the Sujata 😀


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  • Nice coverage. Thanks for the mention. I am happy I could meet all of you at the venue and thanks for the wonderful hospitality.

  • SUJATA TAWDE says:

    OMG! Pooja , You must have got Brihaspati’s memory. Cent , Percent Excellent. You have not missed an iota of incidence that happened at #BergerXp. Those , who could not join us in this #BergerJoyRide would be able to picturise it verbatim , through your wonderful post.

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