My experiments with Drop Photography

By July 31, 2017Bea-you-tiful

I was supposed to recollect the Travel Tales from the last Trip, was actually in middle of Composing that Post however it was rainly quite seducingly last evening…the musical sound of falling drops : the fresh bathed leaves and barks of the trees urged me to quit. So without giving a second thought I lamly followed my heart ❤️

Drop Photography Chillkaroyaar

Drops of Diamond….

Rains Chillkaroyaar

the Falling Drops…

This Over-view was enough for me to get Inspired and click the Over-rated Drop Photography….

DropPhotogtaphy Rains

I managed to click this after some terrible ones!

However the shots were not shaping out how I expected them to or Rather Imagined them to look like….so I wandered will Continues Shots help help actually as I had to multiple times for capturing the Motions! Here are the Continuos shots as below :

Drop Photography Rains Chillkaroyaar

The Magical Visuals, you get surprised over and over again!

Drop Photography Chillkaroyaar

This is My Personal Fav ❤️ shot

Drop Photography Chillkaroyaar

The Full Circle of Drop.

It was quite Dark and Cloudy Day, was the Mood was just perfect for the Shots!

All the Pics are clicked on 55-300mm kit lens of Canon 700D without the Tripod. However Edited on Canon Photo Professional the In-built Software by Canon.

Will love the Hear feedback on the Same as this is my first attempt at Capturing Drop Photography 🙂


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