How do I continue to Live My Passion!

By April 26, 2018Bea-you-tiful

“ Work for Your Passion And You Will Never Work in Life !”

Whatever Life takes Away from You, Manage to snatch that thing away from Life : That sound of the Soul  is Called Passion!

After pursuing, My Post Graduation I had that sheer of Luck of Working with the Big Brands! and was Working as a Senior Travel Professional before I quit my Job!

My Job was Good and mostly importantly that Credited Sum of Money which was honoured in My Account at the Initials of every coming Month ; with a Little bit of Financial Planning that it :  Was the only Emotion which kept me alive and Cheered Me Up for some Reason! I was certain that : Working for a Brand was not giving me the Happiness which I had made assumptions of! So What Next kept creeping in Day in and Out*

As the Days passed by : I did continue working for fairly Quite Some time with No Aim in Life, there was Just One Goal in Mind : Let me have some monetary benefits  in my Account for some time till the time I figure out : What Next!

Life at that survived only on One Hope : This too shall Pass! And it during that Time of my Life : I realised that Some kinda Investments or Savings here On : can take me Places in Life 🙂

Its been around 2.5-3months since I have taken Up My Passion as My Full Time Job! Yes Blogging! Many of you know I Live on Photography and Travel However it took me long and i realise it in a Very Hard Way :

  • What is the thing which I cannot do, I will die but wont be able to 😞
  • What is the thing which I can Die Doing 🙂

That made Life a bit Simple however Life is not that Simple as it appears isn’t it Convincing My Parents for it is again bombarded with  many many many a questions as In :

  • How will you Survive for your Own Living!
  • How do you think, that You can Live Life!
  • How do you think : You will find a Groom for Yourself !
  • and Most Importantly, What Do you think : Who will Read and Appreciate Your Work!
  • Then, Who has the Time to Read!
  • Never Ever Forget, then How do you get Money out of Your Passion!

These are some of the Random Queries and Question which creeps and keeps on Repeating in permutation and Combinations ; by people online and offline.

Initially I kept Mum as in How can I put an AutoStop to every Random Person after A Point of Time, I realised that : Every 4 out of 10 Person Certainly wants to live for their Passion But They do not gather the Strength to do that : For Just One Soul Reason – Money!

So If You Can Fix that One Reason – You will most probably be Able to “Calm the Chaos!” and that brings You a Step closer to Living Your Passion! You are Stronger than You Think and Wiser than You pretend – You can only know Your Own Worth and find Your Inner Strength only when You caught in the Middle of the Sea-Storm!

However : Living your Passion, is just like that Living in Middle of the Storm : never easy. It comes with its Own Pros and Cons! You are own and your Own and hardly there is Anyone who can have your Back On! But then its Own Passsion that will feed on the Most of the Diffiulties and You will have that edge of satisfaction of being on Your Own. But Then, its Your Own Life and You Have the Charge of Your Life Isn’t it!

The financial planning which i did earlied give me the assurance to follow my Heart at the toughest of the Situation. From there on, I continue to Plan my Road-trips, indulge in the Fancy of being Food Junkie, Shop and Hop while Traveling and so Forth!

Apart from the Financial Planning, the One Backbone which I lean on : While living my Passion is My FAMILY! I do not know how I would have Dared to live That Passion without them! It is only and only bcoz of their Gradual but Constant Appreciation and Efforts that I Could Even Think of Living My Passion!

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