While Road-tripping through Undiscovered Gir Wildlife Sanctuary !

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Continued from the Earlier Posts, my Journey goes in the Reverse Order firstly the Trip to Diu followed by the Food Stories enroute Diu. So now it has to cover the undiscovered Adventure and Nature Trails while Road-tripping Gir Wildlife Sanctuary !

Trips like these *_*

Trips like these *_*

Gir Wildlife Sanctuary as we all know, is famous for the Profound Asiatic Lions here and not anywhere else in India. But that happens to be just one part of it ! However Gir is loaded with Tremenduous amount of Flora and Fauna – scattrred acrossHigh Mountains : Dense Forests : Rivers : Innnumerable Shallow Lakes Small Lakes : Small Inhabitants : Villages : Wildlife : Adventure : Mangoes 😍 and the list goes on….in other words It is altogether a World in itself πŸ™‚

I had dreamt about a Dream-destination but found Surreal one while Road-Tripping In Gujarat :)

I had dreamt about a Dream-destination but found Surreal one while Road-Tripping In Gujarat πŸ™‚

While tripping : I found my Fellow Parle -G Soul Mate πŸ˜‰ Β these biscuits are for Genius right !

Parle-G is loved by All ❀

Parle-G is loved by All ❀

While some hate them or kindly ignore it Β : no matter what….!

The Shy tribe !

Not Genius !

While hopping, I came across Wonderful Treasures : though some might be Explored or Unexplored : Discovered or Undiscovered* they definitely add that Thrill to the Journey no matter what.

She posed for me :)

She posed for me πŸ™‚

Found this Birdie while exploring the Uparkot Fort πŸ™‚ which is on the Foothill of Girnar.

Uparkot Fort is overloaded with Humming and Nonhumming Birds : Creatures . However certainly gifted with Nature in all forms!

This Angry Bird just posed for me :)

When Angry Bird posed for me πŸ™‚

The Unique Part about Gir Wildlife Sanctuary that plays Home to the Humans as well as the Wildlife. While heading from Junagadh to Talala – Town situated inside the Sanctuary : came across Β :

Lovely Folk of Spotted Deer πŸ‘€

Lovely Folk of Spotted Deer πŸ‘€

P.S : these pic is taken from a moving car !

Talala- Jamvada also runs through Circumcentre of Gir Sanctuary ! Jamvada is a Small habitant of People named after Jamvada Fall : Named after Jami Muni : Father of Lord Parshuram. It is quite famous Waterfall Situated in the heart of Gir Sanctuary which helps is Producing Hydro-electricity here it is

This Place is blessed with Serenity, you come down sit – breathe..look at the Wate-fall : you are bound to close your Eyes and the feel the Sound of Tranquility it mesmerizes you seduces you only to leaves you spellbound and wander.

Next Trip which I took was Tulsishayam* from Jamvada : this Place happens to be the Epicentre of Sanctuary – the Doors of this Village are closed 7pm – 4am in the Morning. There are no Mobile towers so forget about the Internet plus Photography is not Allowed here.

Tulsi-Shyam Temple*

Tulsi-Shyam Temple*

The Temple of Rukmini is just bang opposite this Temple on the Hill top ! Generally Husband and Wife have their course of fights from time Β to time even Lord Krishna n Goddess Rukmini fought n as a result there are 2 separate temples*

The view from the Top of Rukmini Temple.

The view from the Top of Rukmini Temple.

The main highlight being, Peacocks you find them roaming here there, everywhere-

You will find Peacocks roaming here there everywhere :)

You will find Peacocks roaming here there everywhere πŸ™‚

Forests are more of Treasure-hunt, you never know what is laid next and where πŸ™‚ You just go explore and trust me you can never have enough of it as there is always something which needs to be Explored πŸ˜‰


Somewhere between those Falling White Flowers and Muddy water…I lost my Heart ❀

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