Where Lord Krishna married Rukshmini : Madhavpur Ghed !

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Trivia : Did Lord Krishna get Married….to Radha Rani !!

No, According the Vedic scriptures and History Lord Krishna had 16, 281 Patrani’S and Principle 6 Rani’s Of which Goddess Rukshmini is and was the first Principle Wife of Lord Krishna and was the Avataar of Goddess Lakshmi!

At this point of time in our Lives : when People have become Inhuman and Intolerant to believe the Fact that You Can Visit the Venue Where God Too Got Married is quite something: which Cannot be Digested that Easily.

So for the First time, when I heard about this Place I was Blank ! But at the Same time : I wanted to Stumble back on it For Sure πŸ™ŒπŸ»

The Colors πŸ’•

But God is Certainly the One who was and is Divine Right !

The Doors are Open : No feeling in the World can Beat that Awesomeness ❀️️

The Lord Opens the Door for everyone ❀️

How did I reach this Place : describe this Place : A Pristine Beach nestled in the dense Gentle Company of Far far Spread Coconut farms 🌴 scattered at the End of land :Β Where the Beach meets the Land : Where Β Turquoise Blue Sky Plays with the Gushing Waves of Sea : Where the Turquoise Blue Sky Comes shattering down to pay its Vows to the Divine ! MadhavRaiji alias Madhav alias Krishna Β πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Ok Let’s Start Our Roadtrip : Madhavpur Ghed comes on the Coastal Route of Somnath to Porbandar and the Scenic Beauty of this Place is just Out of the World 🌎

Enroute Madhavpur 🌿

Enroute Madhavpur 🌿

We started our Road-Trip from Somnath towards Madhavpur and Views like this Greet Us !

Enroute Calmness...

Enroute Calmness…

As We stop here, to soak up the Bliss Nip in the Air ! My mind just pops up a thought – In time which takes me back in Time : ” Will I be able to make it there on time : Will I be able to Witness the Bliss ; will the Lord bless me this time : Will I see the Mukh-Mandapa of Krishna this time ”

I saw Tender Coconut 🌴 Stall as soon as I calmed myself down ;)

I saw Tender Coconut 🌴 Stall as soon as I calmed myself down πŸ˜‰

I calmed my senses and Said “Stop creating a Drama over it ” If it meant to happen: It will happen ! ” and if not Who is talking away your Experience : the Beautiful Travelogue πŸ™‚ Just Chill !

Look at My πŸ‘΄ Papa

Look at My πŸ‘΄ Papa

With every Passing Tree, Vehicle,Milestone : My Eagerness ; My Urge to have that One -Just One Glimpse of MadhavRaiji became Stronger and Stronger and deep down it started piercing me hard bcoz this is my 2Visit here and I could not have the Darshan last time bcoz the Doors were closed !

Time Stops here !

Time Stops here !

It says where Lord Krishna married Goddess Rukshmini – How do We believe it ?

According to the Locals When Goddess Rukshmini left his Father’S Place to meet Lord Krishna – Lord Krishna along with His Brother Lord Balaram were standing exactly at the Same place where this Abandoned Temple Stands πŸ™‚

Every Year after Badi Diwali : The whole of Madhavpur celebrates the Marriage Anniversary of the Divine by Β Arranging the Big Big Wedding Ceremony. People from Far and Wide do tag along to be a part of such an Celestial event:)

Lord Krishna marks his presence all the way from the Dwapar Yuga which dates back to 5000 yrs ago !

Lord Krishna marks his presence all the way from the Dwapar Yuga which dates back to 5000 yrs ago !

Okay, all the Senses are Clensed and there is a feeling of Humbleness which takes over. And I see the Colors of Sunset !

One of the Magical Sunsets I have witnessed !

One of the Magical Sunsets I have witnessed !

I knew and was already : set to Witness the Aura, the Transition , the Reflection of the Sea 🌊 We’re all Golden πŸ’•was Damn Sure that I am in Middle of Rarest Sight which I might witness in my Entire Life πŸ˜€

Birds Come in my Frame πŸ’•

Birds Come in my Frame πŸ’•

The Sun was just showing off his True Colors πŸ˜…

The Sun-Sky-Water πŸ’•

Thrilled,Surprised, Happy, Stunned,Speechless, Mesmerised…I was not sure what could describe my Feeling at that Point of Time ! but Something Struck

The Final Good-Bye πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

The Final Good-Bye πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Some places just make you Realize ” Who are you : Why are so Self Obsessive : Why do you take the Credit of Everything which is happening : You never dreamt about this but you still Repent on the Things 🀐 why ! I guess this was one of those !


Speechless πŸ‘πŸ»

It’s 6:30 and We head to the Haveli for the Darshan, However Photography was not allowed inside the Temple but the Temple authority were kind enough to let me click the Over-View of the Temple : the Statues Of Lord Krishna and Balarama

My vows πŸ™ŒπŸ»

My vows πŸ™ŒπŸ»

What are the Other Things to do while in Madhavpur ?

There is Osho Ashram which has been marks an Increasing Number of Travelers visiting this part of Gujarat. It plays a Home to many many Indian and International travelers who come down in search of their Their Ownselves.

Where to Stay ?

Madhavpur Beach is the Cleanest and the most secluded One in Gujarat, so if you want to Relax and remain Aloof the Gujarat tourism has made their Own Beach facing Properties.

How to Reach Madhavpur ?

Madhavpur is accessible by Road only ! It is on the Coastal Highway of Somnath to Porbandar..The Landscape on the Way are just too Breathtaking *_*

So you plan a Day-trip from Junagadh, Somnath and Porbandar which are all at a distance of 40kms from each other !

P.S : Remember Famous Maruti Ciaz Ad where runs On a Road parallel to the Beach, that ad is Shot here

Where Road Runs Parallel to the Beach 😍😍

Where Road Runs Parallel to the Beach 😍😍

Madhavpur is a Small Town chosen by the Lord himself so please maintain a Proper Dress Code while entering the Temple and the Town


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