Dakor is Small Tinsel in the State of Gujarat which can be easily accessed through NH-7 State Highway ; Baroda being the Nearest City to the Town. So A Road-trip from Mumbai was our Plan to Hop in Dakor.


Okay Why Dakor the question !!

Dakor is one of the Famous Place for Spiritual Tourism . It Carries a  Specific Spiritual Importance amongst the Vaishnavites : because of its History : the Statue of Dakorji (Krishna) at the Temple of Dakor is allegedly the Same as the One at Dwarika. Interestingly ; According to Religious Studies : this particular Statue has been found at the exact location wherein one of the Person had dreamt about it ; is the Current Temple of Dakor.


Photography is not allowed inside the Temple Premises. That was the Serious Problem for me. But I managed to clicked 2 : the one above is the Overview of the Temple Premises and the below one is the Silver Plated Curved Door with Smiling Lord Vishnu inscribed in it. The Temple is beautiful and offering a Prayer here immediately transfers you to A World of Peace and serenity.


Dakor is a Town totally drowned in the Colors of Red and Rust of Lord Krishna. The Small Lanes of this beautiful tinsel takes you on a Wonderful World which I had never seen before ; it transports you to a Different World altogether. All across the Town ; you will find small stalls selling Colorful Clothes and So-verniers depicting the Magic of Lord Krishna 🙂


The Town and Temple are totally Magnetic , they take you back against the Time to the Old Vintage Village of India with Tiny Little Roads ; Houses ;  Old School of Wooden Architecture and  not the Food 🙂


The Town being Settled in the 11 Century ; you find Amazing Architecture Patterns and Arches all across the streets ; each house has An Unique Edge added to it like this one.


Can you spot Lord Krishna with his Flute 🙂 in his City.

Whiling hopping on the Streets ; look what we found Steaming Hot Pakodas of Dalvada and Methi na Gota (as Said in Gujarati) : how can you escape it !!



Another Foodie Feature is the ” Goti Wali Soda” which tastes Cool especially after Walk and Run.


Now with that we can End our Photo-walk from the Town of Lord Krishna. I missed out Sweets but Pakodas being the specialty has worked for me. So the next your Family makes a Plan of Visiting a Spiritual Place do make it a Plan to explore the Streets and it will not disappoint you for sure 🙂 and people around you will help you with Places. The Food Part is always an Advantage !!

  1. P.S : While visiting the Temple ; please keep a check on the timing as Krishna temples are subject to a Specific time-table which they follow quite strictly.
  2. Photography is prohibited inside the Temple. Do follow the Complete Dress Code.
  3. There are not much ATM’s around so do carry Petty Cash along.
  4. The City is spread with Narrow Streets so you will have a Park vehicles around the Dharamshala ; while the temple is at a walk-able distance from there.



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