If Adventure is more than a Freaking Passion for you !! Kolad  is the destination for you totally.

Clattered under the Arms of Mighty Sahyadris  and the River flowing by its body ; it is an Adventurer’s Paradise for Sure. Being Centrally located with the Greenery by all its sides ; it pampers you to the Core especially during the Monsoons. No wonder I have been there twice.


Strategic Importance of Kolad:  As the  Kundalika River Flows from the Mighty Heights from the Mountains downtown to the Base Kolad : on the way it creates Rapid and Turbulences ; making it an “Ideal and Effective Rafting Base for the Adventure Seekers. As a Result ; when we reach Kolad by Road : we have to Take a Small Auto (Tumtum) towards the (Mouth)or the Starting Point of Rafting .  The Kolad Rafting stretch comprises of  a Total of 7 kms. Apart from being the Rafting Point ; the flow of River Kundalika is also used for Hydro-Generation.

How do we reach Kolad : Reach Kolad : https://www.rome2rio.com/s/Mumbai/Kolad with this link. Just type your Place of Origin and you get the Exact Credentials

Lets get started with the Things to do in Kolad :

Go River Rafting : River- Rafting happens to be the Religion of Kolad !! And it is quite popular amongst the Mumbaikars and Punekars for Rafting. It also happens to be One of the Famous Weekend Getaways for them. The Charges of the River Rafting are subject to the Weekend Rates so the Weekdays are slightly on a Lower Side. So do your Bookings accordingly.

Kolad Adventure River Rafting-Kolad-Near-Mumbai

Pic Source: indiarafts.com

Try your hand at the  Adventure Activities of Kayaking : Zipline ; Zorbing : Explore Discover and Reinvent yourself !! See the unseen side of yourself. Right from Corporate Picnics to Team Building Activities , Kolad does have Something for All. There are several Corporate Team Packages available ; I myself had been 2 of those : One being Barclay’s Bank and Zodhita Healthcare solutions.


Pic Credit: Kolad.in

Accommodation : As Kolad is small Village with Adventure and Wildlife being its Forte ; do not expect any kind of luxury to be around. But there are quite Amazing Accommodations right from the Cool Tents ; to River-Houses ; to Domes to Dormitories. You can pick one depending on your Budget. I had been there through http://bigredtent.in/ and this was one of our Camp.


Pic Source: chillkaroyaar.com

Experience the thrill of Camp-fire : Juggling our Daily Chores and Running Rat Race of  leaves our Lives with Worries , tensions, insecurities and even more amount of Stress wherein  a Camp-fire around the Cool River-side energizes us to return back with freshness and Cool Vibes to take on fire. We did not have the camp-fire as we had visited Kolad in the Month of March !!


Go Nature and Wildlife Photography : Tag along your DSLR and capture Some rarest Species  of Hummingbirds ; as it borders the Neighboring Karnala Bird Sanctuary and Karnala Fort. It homes to various Species of Birds and Humming Birds !! This was captured on my Brothers Nikon 5100 at that point of time. We are not familiar with the Name of Bird ; if you are aware of it please do help us while commenting in the below box.

Humming Bird_KoladPic Credit: www.chillkaroyaar.com

Go Mobile-free : The Major Mobile Networks do not operate beyond Roha ; so while you enter the village of Kolad ; you come across Non GPS Signs and Ways to reach the destination. So Mobile-free ; Playing some music or enjoy some private reading time or just Get Lost 😀

Kolad music books

Source : snap.triomediagroup.com

Have a Magical Breakfast : of Tea with ParleG biscuits !! I do not know how many people will agree to this but there is something Magical about the Taste of Parle G especially when you are travelling or Camping !! It gives a Very homely kinda feeling be it any part of World. So the combo of Parle G and Tea is Just Amazing while Camping it is Sweeter.


Take a Torch Selfie : I don’t know how does it sound ! but it happens to be an Adventurous one. Because you look as horrible as possible; without any light ; without any Make-up plus the sounds of the Insects and Birds around definitely adds to the Drama Effects to your Selfie, See I told you at your Blur Terrible best but worth cherishing for a Lifetime. This was with my Siblings.


It was Madness at their best !! I had thoroughly enjoyed to the Core. The only thing I missed was Shooting the Star Trails as I neither had the  DSLR at that point of time nor did I know how to use. So just missed on that part.

Points to be noted while travelling to Kolad :

  • Always Carry a Sufficient amount Petty Cash as the ATM are quite away from the Town of Roha ( the Nearest Town to Roha)
  • Please be careful with the Directions of the Roads, as there is no GPS accessible.
  • The Rafting point has to be Climbed up the Flow of River with a Tuk tuk Auto as the Road are narrow where our Vehicles cannot make it. So wherever you stay you have to climb stairs.
  • Carry a Pair of Clothes which are comfortable for River-Rafting along with the Footwear which are Water friendly ; Preferably Crocs.
  • You will find loads and loads of people getting drunk here and there ; So you better don’t mind that make it to your Fun- Fullest.

I hope this Blog-post helps you in some way or the other if you are planning to Visit Kolad 🙂

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