Things to do in Baroda -Champaner.

By February 29, 2016Journey

Recently, we had been to Baroda in Gujarat for a Weekend Getaway. Baroda is  popularly known as the Cultural Capital of Gujarat and also has Amazing Places to offer. Champaner is situated in the Panchmahal district on Gujarat with the nearest station being Baroda.

It falls under the UNESCO World Heritage Site comprising of is part of is one of those Places to be on Weekend. It comprises of Masjid of Champaner is a UNESCO heritage Site part of Pavagadh Champaner Archaeology Site. Built by Mohamed Begada in the 15 Century is the located on the foot hill of the Shaktipeeth Pavagadh Temple. The Jama Masjid is yet another example of Indo-Islamic Architecture.


It may not have any Touristy things but it certainly has the Most Amazing Architecture Marvels to Capture on and if you are Instagram Freak like me ; You will just fall in love with the place and soak up the amazing Architecture Marvels on your Camera Screens for sure.

  1. The Entrance: Jama Masjid has 2 door on each side separated by the Minaras so a total of 5 doors and 5 domes.View from the Main Gate of Jama Masjid
  2. The Minars : are the Highlights of the Masjid ; the intricate details does all the Magical Trick.The Minaras of the Jama Masjid
  3. The Windows : Works Wonder : they not only the role of the Best Source of Ventilation and Sunlight but also add that Extra Charm to its beauty.IMG_0030-01
  4. The Corridors : are beautifully designed by the Symmetrical  Pillars which is the heart of the Structure ; providing Beautiful Multi frame Angle.IMG_20160228_090333
  5. The Domes : the Umbrellas of the Dome have different beautiful detailing assigned to each and Every dome IMG_0031-1-01
  6. Nestled amongst Nature : The Jama Masjid is locate on the Foothill of Pavagadh Hill. Surrounded by Greenary all around ; It is refreshing change to be around.IMG_0082-01
  7. Selfie Friendly : Every Angle and Every Corner of Jama Masjid is Sheer Elegence. You can go around any Corner of Masjid and you wont resist clicking a Selfie IMG_0029-1-01
  8. After Jama Masjid ; we head over to the Hill top of Pavagadh Temple…coming up in the next post 🙂
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  • lovely clicks… thanks for sharing so much about Baroda… I have visited it only once and that too was just driving past to Ahmedabad 🙂

    Cheers, Archana –

    • Pooja Bhatt says:

      Hi Archana, Glad you liked it !! Good to see you here as I always meet you nearly everyday on my Instagram page 🙂 My Maasi stays there so had been there and found this Place : Champaner near Baroda. There is another part which is coming up so stay tuned 😀

      Cheers, Keep Blogging and Keep sharing !!

  • Tara Nair says:

    Hi Pooja! I am glad to land up on your blog. The content is fresh and very expressive. I also liked the pictures taken. Fan of arch. and DOMES 😀
    Thank you for this wonderful post!!

    • Pooja Bhatt says:

      Hey Tara, I am glad you liked the post 🙂 It is always Gr8 connecting with fellow fans of Domes and Architecture with whom you can share your Craziness !!Reading your comment made by day completely as I was away from Indivine since long.. Cheers Keep Blogging and sharing Happiness 🙂

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