Last year ; Jan 2015 had been to the Amazing Rannutsav with my Family. This was one of those Trips wherein I enjoyed the Trip to bits and pieces as It was A Cousins Trip πŸ™‚ and had the Time of My life.

The Place

The Place

We started our Journey with the City of Bhuj ; but With the Crazy Bunch of Cousins that we are ; missed on the Bhuj Museum as it had already closed by 11 am so we ahead with the Aina Mahal ;

This looked like Ruined Kingdom all thanks to 2003 earthquakes.

This looked like Ruined Kingdom all thanks to 2003 earthquakes.

With the View like this ; we were not sure should We go ahead with this or a Brunch but then settled for Aina Mahal !!Aina Mahal stands for Β Mirror Palace ; It is basically the An Amzing Palace with Royal Leisure n Entertainment interest. We just loved it as we could have loads of Selfies

Mirror Selfie :|

Mirror Selfie 😐

Every Nook and Corner of Aina Mahal is Photogenic..

The door behind is made of Ivory !!

The door behind is made of Ivory !!

There were Vintage Masterpieces as well ; apart from those Artifacts there is also a Musical Darbar ; The Royal Golden Bedroom and Armour Room as well.


After Aina Mahal it is Lunch time then ; We head over to the Highest point of Kutch i.e Kala Dungar.

The view from Kalo Dungar.

The view from Kalo Dungar..

It was the perfect time and spot for Capturing the Silhouettes ; and we did not miss this Beautiful Oppurtunity.

P.s : that is not my DSLR just posing !!


After a while at the Kalo Dungar ; it was the time to head towards the Tent City of Dhorado when the Sun was about to Say Bye was just Perfect time to be here.

Sun seemed to be Soo Far ..

Sun seemed to be Soo Far…but beautiful.

Alright now that Sun said See Ya ; it was the time to Play with White Sand Dunes Β and the Clouds Some Colorplay…

Magic of Whiteness !!

Magic of Whiteness !!

You may have seen Camels riding through the White Sands ; what caught our Attention was the Para-Motoring !! The pleasure of Para -Gliding and riding a Bike together !! Sounds fun and wanted to do as well but I couldnt as I cannot ride a Bullet :O



After some quick Dinner ; head to the Tents and the tents look like So Divine at Night.



The atmosphere around was Amazing ; Musical Duets Β ; Performers and not to forget the Garba πŸ™‚ all added to the Charm of an Evening which we cannot forget.

Colorful Attire and Performances

Colorful Attire and Performances πŸ™‚

In the Mean time ; we have some time to Roam around and Β explore the Tent City with the Lovely Exhibits..and we had heard and read a lot about them.

Welcome gate.

Welcome gate.

Then I found this…Of course having a look at that ; the Gujju inside me cannot wait for even a single moment πŸ˜‰


It was Way too Cold there so had to have that Shawl it very goes with the Feel of Riding a Chakdoo. After that Super Awesome Day ; we rest for the Night Roaming in and Out inside the Tent City and the Temperature drops down to 5degrees πŸ™‚


The Next Day we are off to Mandavi ; We wanted to see this Amazing Mandavi Palace as it looked Splendid in the Movie Hum Dil Chuke Sanam ; on our way to Mandavi ; it started Pouring left right and Center !!


The View from the Palce is Splendid ; enveloped with forests and Greenary and Overlooking the Beach of Mandavi ; I could settle down here !! There are Tents available here at the Mandavi Palace which We came to know from the Security Personnel.

The Vijay Vilas Palace i.e Mandavi Palace !!

The Vijay Vilas Palace i.e Mandavi Palace !!

The Vijay Vilas Palace is the Vacation Home of the Current Prince of Kutch who comes down in the Month of Monsoons generally when the Climate is Ridicously Amazing πŸ™‚

On the way to Bhuj we came across the Local Village Cottages called Bhonga which are made of Mud and Wood painted in Limestone ; looked Awesome. My Dad even managed to ask them if they will those Awesome cottages for us ; they readily said Yess !!


Okay , back to the Base of Bhuj and it is Time to hop and Shop ; we take over to Bhujwadi :

Peaceful Place to be..

Peaceful Place to be..

a Local Handicraft and Artifact town where you can carry your Soverneirs back home. Mom took over the Shopping part ; while was fascinated with the Ambiance of the Place…

You can shop that Lovely Wall Charm studded with Mirror designs.

You can shop that Lovely Wall Charm studded with Mirror designs…

There had been a lot of craziness ; hunger pangs spread across as it was bit Warmer even in the month of Feb. After that Hopping it was the time to leave..which we did not obviously like but had to. It was an Amazing journey and had Β Gr8 time ; I hope you had the same reading it. Where-ever you go dont forget to weave Memories. CHEERS !!

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