Portraits from the Street of Bombay!

By July 27, 2017Journey

Here  are some Missing and Most Amazing part about Travel : the People! The People you meet and greet around add a different dimension, a different charm to your Vision ; to the Frame of Life isnt it!

Continued from the Previous post and also from the Dadar Phool market the Portraits I loved clicking ❤️


Lady lost in her Deep thoughts…

When I was at the Dadar Phool Market, Was wandering how will I click bcoz people were hopping in out, there was Chaos….there was madness suddenly I find Pink Color and this Lady ❤️ She looked at me with the Camera and continued to stare at me and Glad she Did 😀

Mumbai Dadar Phool Market

When She Smiles ❤️

That is Kaveri Tai, She is one of the Happiest Souls I found on the Streets when I asked her about her Work, She was the happiest around to talk and not to forget the 🙂

Coming to last Week, when I was at Haji Ali found some Amazing Portraits

Haji Ali Dargah and Floral Chadar – the one Who sells it!

As I entered the Way which leads to Haji Ali, I found this Person : Who owns the Stall which has Floral and Cloth Offerings for Haji Ali Dargah. He is named Nadeer and I bought a Floral Chadar from him.

Mumbai Haji Ali

Flowers and Work at Haji Ali

As I took a few steps in the interior…I find his Uncle sorting the Roses, I found pleasing colors for the Frame. Beautiful Roses, Black and Blue Drum and a Portrait ! What else do I ask for.

Isn’t She Cute ❤️

As I enter Haji Ali Dargah, you are required to Enter at Male and Female sections of the Dargah. I click some random frames here and there and I find an Old Lady sitting next to the Door when I asked her : Can I click a Pic of her : She said No and Smiled and said why dont you click my Grand-daughter : Roza!

Rustic Frame Feels!

These are some of the Portraits which I loved hence shared it here. I hope you liked them. Portrait photography is very Addictive once you start clicking it : I am sure you knew feel Enough of it. Also it gives you an Oppurtunity to revive and understand the Human side through gestures and Body Language.

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