Love-Birds ❤️

By May 26, 2017Journey
Parrot and his Lovestory!

While I was Away traveling this Summer, at My Nanajis place – I spotted a Parrot hanging there and here on the Roof , Very quickly I took my Camera 🎥 off and started clicking…here is the Story- story.


Parrot, How Colorful this creature is!

It was cuddling, that is what I guessed after a few seconds…


I had never imagined Parrot like this!

This Shot fancied me totally, it was a Such a Delight to watch the Parrot with his Colorful Wings sorry it was A Female One! (Called Hen)

While at the Tree next to the Roof was someone waiting…..


As He noticed me Clicking…look at this Expressions😛

He was continuously trying to make-out where Am I….

Parrot and his Investigation!

The Investigation is evident!

While hanging, sitting and itching he is looking around : Is Someone around –

Parrot and his Cute Ada!

This is So Cute! Shahrukh Style😍

While no-one is around, and I am hiding the Hen from the Roof comes down to this Branch of the Tree :

Parrot and his Lovestory!

The Love-Birds❤️

In a Moment or So…..

Parrot and Hen Kiss 😘

Kiss – the Moment is Freezed!

At this Happened! And I slowly moved away from them as they too Need their Privacy you know 😀 and I experienced something Way to Magical ; As I Honoured to witness this Amazing Love-story ❤️

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