Colorful Sunset and Stories of Pavagadh

By March 3, 2016Journey

So lets start the Shopping and Hopping with the Short Intro on Pavagadh Hill-top: Kali mata Pavagadh is one of the Shakti-peeth in Gujarat ( The Pavagadh Hill homes Goddess Kali which also happens to be one of the Shakti-Peeth. It is said that that Fingers of the Goddess Sati are present here at Pavagadh which makes it an Important Place of interest in Hindu Mythology.

That is the Selfie Point of Pavagadh

That is the Selfie Point of Pavagadh !!

Pavagadh becomes even more special at times of Navratri and Purnima (Full Moon) during that period of time ; the crowd of people is just too maddening. So please do avoid these Big Days if Possible.

We did not know about this ; as a result we had to wait for about 4 hours (2 hours going – 2 hrs return) of our Journey. Pavagadh can be reached by Foot or by Cable Car (Udan-Khatola). I traveled through the Cable Car for the Adventure of it 🙂 Mind you the Slope of Pavagadh is Deadly.

Deadly as there was a power-cutoff for 5 minutes on this steep Slope

Deadly as there was a power-cutoff for 5 minutes on this steep Slope


As Pavagadh is the Most Popular Spiritual destination : You get to see Beautiful Colors on the Streets approaching the Temple.

Lets start exploring the Colorful Streets of Pavagadh :

1. As you start proceeding upstairs you find Many Cool shops selling

Lovely Colorful Bangles

Lovely Colorful Bangles.

2. Being a Spiritual Destination : you find Shops dominated by statues and Frames of Popular Hindu God and Goddess.

World in itself.

World in itself.

3. As you move nearer to the Temple ; the whole surroundin around you is filled with Amazing Positivity which attracts every heart towards itself.


4. There is no Logic involved in Devotion.

I cannot caption this !!

I cannot caption this !!

5. Finally when you reach the Main the Temple flags flying turn Speechless totally.



We had reached around 6 pm for Darshan which was just perfect time to witness an Epic Sunset.

The Journey Continues.

The Journey Continues.



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