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After the Mahabat Ka Maqbara, the next top thing to do in Junagadh is – Visit the Nawabi museum ! Being a Nawabi Town – Museum certainly needs to be explored ; As we all know that the Nawabs had an Impressive Royal lifestyle in the Flashback right ! With that point in Mind let’s get started with Junagadh Museum….

Yes, that is how I was welcomed inside- the first exhibit πŸ™ˆ

I was in do minds…should I go ahead or No As we all That History is well capable of turning On Bright daytime into Sleepy Days πŸ˜‘ I look above 😍 And I am sorted !

Colourful Chandelier totally made my Day πŸ™‚

The Museum has everything which contributed to the Life of Nawab so there is a Beautiful Collection of Showpieces : Weapons : Furniture : Chandeliers : Dine ware : Clothes and what not ! In short there is something fascinating for each and every Age-Group.

Starting with the Logo of the Nawab ensembled on the Silver Chair !

I had researched a bit and found that the Silver Artifacts are the Highlights of Museum, there are unbelievably beautiful Creatives are made out of Silver here. It is believed that the Nawab was very fond of Silver.

Let me start with the Tea pot first 😎

So here with the Silverware Collection starting with Tea – My Hope to be alive on this planet Earth ! I can drink Tea for the Entire Day if the Tea pot happens to be that stunning…

The Entire Tea β˜•οΈ Family

I described the Tea pot and Look what I find – the Entire Tea Family – the Royal Stature of those Cups with Detailed Saucers…super Amazing.

The Entire Silver Case for the Ingredients of DIY Paan 😍

After Tea and Meals the Nawabs always had Paan : the Betelnut leaf with Different fillings which are Sweet and Pale in Taste but they are Very good for Digestion and No points for guessing that the Nawabs were Gr8 addictive to Paan πŸ˜‹

Would anyone Work…if there is Table Piece like this 😁

After that Paan Daani here is a Cutom Made Handy Jaguar for You πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ and A Cool Arm Candy : Silver Bracelet with Super Amazing Details of a Tribal Mask

Creativity at its best !

Have you ever seen such Stylish Lock and πŸ”‘ in your lifetime : which is Inspired by Hindu Lord Ganesh and Goddess Laxmi and Saraswati who are said to the Lord of Wealth and Prosperity And that is Surprising as Nawab was Muslim by Religion.

Also Lord Hanuanji protects the lock on the 2 top edges.

The next Masterpiece is Β the Veena with Silver Threads…with the details Inspired by the Peacock. do not how do it sound but Visually it looks awesome.

Looks Splendid!

Enough of Silver now, let’s head where Main Darbaar -E- Khaas was..

The entry is prohibited so all I could manage is this shot from outside !

Roaming all around, I need to take a Shot

Nawab also had Shot glasses that too Colored ones in that era.

The Nawab had Customised Mugs as well 200 years ago and We Say Modern Innovations Β ! Have shared that Cup above in the Featured Image ! Let’s Travel Nawab Style…

Copper Based Horse Carriage for the Royal πŸ‘‘ What details!

You find a Gr8 Collection of Horse, Personal and Elephant Carriages for the Royal Family. The one above is the Horse Carriage of which one Arm is broken. The one which is below for the Small kids with the Details of the Animals!

I clicked this pic only for the details of that Peacock ❀️

Look at this the Strong Elegant and Royal Carrier of the Nawab which was carried on the Elephant.

Super Strong and Creative!

and that is a Wrap – I guess this much is okay for giving you the Glimpse of Β : How Royal and Beautiful Life the Nawab had lead some 200 years ago ! Which is quite interesting to see even in the Recent Modern times isn’t it ! I hope it did not get that monotonous of the Typical Museum ones πŸ™‚ and you had some Good time reading it ! Cheers 🍻 and love Life ❀️


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