Mystical and Mythological Connection of Girnar Mountain Ranges

By March 21, 2017Journey

Junagadh is the Home or rather Gateway to the Girnar Mountain Ranges which are the said to be the Oldest Mountain Ranges in India. It has its Mystical and Mythological Roots hidden quite  deep in the History of time much more before the birth of Mighty Himalayas.

When and How did it Envolve –

It is also evolved out of the Deposition of Lava which turned into Rock-Solid Mountain as per the Locals. However there are no official records or History which can state it evolution.

Why exactly Girnar Ranges –

Girnar finds its Mention in the Mahabharata – Where The Pandavas had come and paid a visit to the GuruDatatre Temple located at the Tip of the Girnar Mountains.

The Temple of Guru Datatre Holds a Special Importance bcoz Guru Datatre is of the Lord who is Immortal and He marks his Presence to the Beginning and Ends of All Yugas. Hence it plays home to 33crore God,Goddesses -Yaksha,Yakshinis all put together.

It is believed that all the Immortal Saints of the World mark their presence here at the Girnar.

And in those 5 Days of Mahashivratri Fair – It is believed that Lord Shiva himself alongwith the Immortal Lords are definitely present in some form or another.

Remember the Character of Ashthama – who was cursed by Lord Krishna to be repenting till the end of the Time, it is believed that He is the First one to come and pray to the Guru Datatre first in the Morning. Many Television channels have done a Sting Operation there – to investigate Is it real or some kind of Misleading info however they did prove that Someone comes down here!

Girnar has its Strategic Importance in terms of Being a Bridge which joins the the Aesthetic Yogis, Naga Sadhus from the Himalayas to the Mahashivratri Mela in Gujarat.

It is the Connection which keeps Yogis and Aesthetic Yogis and Naga Sadhus rooted here on the Same Paper alongwith the Himalayas.

It is also plays home to Innumerable Mythological Lords and Divine Bodies of the Cosmic World. It has been the Hub for  Mystical Yogis and Sadhus from Ages. The Holy Akhaadas Which are present in the Lap of Himalayas do have their One Wing in the Lap of Girnaras well. It is quite possible that you spot a particular Yogi in Varanasi and he might be present here at the Mahashivratri Mela!

Okay We are now Clear with how the Town of Junagadh & Girnar are connected to Himalayas and What is Connection between the them But why do they have a Mahashivratri Mela here finally !

Why is Mahashivratri Mela celebrated here and what is the Role of so many Aesthetic Yogis and Naga Sadhus to be present here –

It is believed that Once While Lord Shiva alongwith Goddess were passing through these Girnar Ranges


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