Hola !!  I missed weiting a blog post  since a Week and Obviously I was not liking it !! No Excuses defending it : Lets start it Now for Better 🙂 Few days back an Ad just struck me by surprise.

How effectively the Social Message is conveyed ; how deep it penerates through Heart of a Tough Father for years ; And how a Strict Looking Father mind is made to change looking at her Self Juggling Daughter. We all go through this in some way or the other ; in one form or the other isnt it !! This Ad has brought the level of Family Bonding to the Next Level where we share to Care according to me. There was a question in my Mind what if that happens in My Family.

Loved the Bubble Wrap packing !!

Loved the Bubble Wrap packing !!

My question did turn True ;  this box  of Arielmatic surprise us with a challenge #loadgoesoddeven to be shared with Odd Family Member. I wanted to take this up with my Dad 🙂 for obvious reasons.

I knew this is not going to be that easy as it was not just telling something but about understanding those social norms which have been accumulating since decades and decades.

Sharing is Caring

Sharing is Caring

Finally that day arrived when Angels decided to come down in my Support and it was 20 May 2016. We went for a Gujju Movie for the first time in my Life. We reached quite before time ; 3 ads flashed : one being Saundrya Sabun Nirma ; Smoking kills as we munching on the Popcorns : the third ad took us all by Surprise : It was that Ariel Ad*

After watching this Ariel Ad ; things were not the same in Bhatt Family 😂😂We had to bribe that with Cola and same chips to bring dad into the Mood of Watching The Movie!!

Cola to Chill !!

Cola to Chill !!

That Ad kept on disturbing my Dad Now Dad was more concerned about who will help me in Future when I get married (when I married 😅) how will I manage the chores ; inlaws and all that Jazz and I was screwed 😐😐 not knowingly 😂.

But then I gathered all the Strength and answered : ” I will take care of everything but Who will take care of My Mom ? ” That was a Moment of Silence : which answered Loudly. From that moment Dad helps us (Me and Mom) with the Laundry being the Simplest : Spoonful of Ariel +Touch of Button  = You are Sorted !!

And yes , That was my Mom’s Anniversary Gift from My Dad 🙂

So now while I listen to Music Dad helps us :)

So now while I listen to Music Dad helps us 🙂

I am so very happy about the Family Revolution which took place in my family 🙂

I am taking part in the #LaundryGoesOddEven Challenge by Ariel India at BlogAdda.’

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