I had won a Twitter Contest held by @SMWMumbai and @Wrangler Denims which gave me a Beautiful Opportunity to be a Part of Day 6 of #SMWMumbai 2016 i.e 16 March 2016. #SMWMumbai is one of the Biggest Learning and Connecting Platform across the Indian Digital and Social Media Marketing : more inputs on https://socialmediaweek.org/mumbai/  .

It was first visit to the Event was pretty much excited about being a part of it ūüôā ¬†I was in 2 minds whether to write on the Experience or No but then the Insights given by the Industry Leaders did persuade me to write this Post. As the thoughts shared here will be definitely be helpful across all the Platform of Social Media. So it was sure that I am going to document the Experience being there as it will be helpful to me and Many who couldn’t be a part of it and We all know Sharing is Caring right ūüôā

There we go, the #SMWMumbai was headquartered at Grand Hyatt Mumbai timed : Morning 12 pm to 7pm. Lets start with the Sessions.

1. Monetisation of Digital Content by  : Satya Raghavan YouTube Entertainment head 

Youtube Entertainment Head

Youtube Entertainment Head

Useful Insights shared by him :

*7/10 internet uses Videos monthly in India.

*Youtube is by far the Most Engaging Social Media Platform : what makes it engaging – the “Skip Ad” Button yes that is correct. WHEN YOU PRESS THE SKIP BUTTON – the advertiser comes to know Boss you have wateched by Ad.

*Content which works on YouTube : Movies, T.V, News, Comedy, Food,Beuty, Tech, Music, Kids,Short-Series

*Gadgets used for creating YouTube Video  : We all assume that You-tube requires High end SLR to shoot however the most Successful You-tubers use the Basic Camera phones : the video is  primarily edited.

*Learn how to create YouTube Content : there is a Separate YoutubeCreators Channel which helps you to create step by step, we need to type Youtube/Creators in the Search Bar.

Most Imp : Monetization *Subscription / Integration and Collaborations are the main tools for it.

2. Marginalization of Creativity by Prahlad Kakar (who is Prahlad Kakkar- the man who created Epic Ads like Cadbury : Asli Swad Zindagi ka: Hamara Bajaj n many more ) it was the Highlight of the Entire Day 6 !

It was the brain-storming session with Gr8 inputs which we will discuss below :

Insights shared by him*

*Social Media is about penetration in the Mind.

*You have to be Honest and Original which is the effective policy and if you are rejected for being Honest about yourself never mind because being rejected is the ultimate fear of humankind; if you who can handle rejection ! You can Conquer the World also it definitely adds new Perspective and Opens new Doors to the World.

*Originality and Engagement is the base of Passion or Belief.

*The most Important thing : Your Social media Platform is your Dreamland : You are the King/Queen : it is only you and you who own it so Be it Your Way.

*There is World of Possibilities with the content which is Original and Worth the Passion .

*Creating your Own Opinion and standing by it increases your Value/Worth as a Person and it is only the Person who stand by their Opinion are respected in the Society.

*Coming to Society : Social Media is the Mirror of Change in Society In other words ; It is a Society -it reflects -it represents !!

*In the age of information, the society changes at the faster rate.

*If you don’t challenge the Speed of Change-You are dead !!¬†Anything that is repetitive and boring -has no Value.

3. Faces behind the Mask РSocial Journey of Humans of Bombay : Karishma Mehta


*She discussed her Success Journey from the very start how the Idea of “Humans of New York” inspired her to go ahead and create the Humans of Bombay.

* She believed that Sticking to the Originality and the Raw Emotions of People touched the hearts of People and she always wanted to keep it that way.

*She did not want and did not create any unnecessary Drama about it and she believes that it worked in her favor. I agree on that point.

4. Celebrity Monetisation, Engagement and Content ownership on Social media #CelebSocial Anand Desai | Atul Kasbekar | Lavin Mirchandani

5. User-Generated Content: New Data, Best Practices, and Concerns Prabhakaran | Namrita Mahindro | Rajat Mehta | Dr Kushal Sanghvi

6. Social Media For Artists Hema Sardesai | Faridoon Shahryar | Soumini Sridhara Paul | Amit Yadav 

The Lady in Pink is the Awaara Bhavre fame : Hema Sardesai :) at #SMWMumbai

The Lady in Pink is the Awaara Bhavre fame : Hema Sardesai ūüôā at #SMWMumbai


The Above 3 discussions were a  Panel discussion with the 3 speakers, moderating the content and discussing the ideas which work for influential Marketing  : User-Content : Social Media Marketing these topics were touch-based upon the topics discussed earlier so it was a kind of Monotonous Discussion so I am not elaborating on it though.

7. “It’s Good to be good “ KV Sridhar

8. Talent Sourcing through Social :  Aadil Bandukwala


These 2 were a 15 minutes sessions comprising the Aspects of Human Emotions how that can be used while creating a Content and how while Engagement with the Audience you can improvise and expand the Content reach.

9. True Wanderer: Fueling 5 Years of Social Journeys : Krishna Dorai

True Wanderer Winner declared here at #SMWMumbai by #Wranglerdenims head.

True Wanderer Winner declared here at #SMWMumbai by #Wranglerdenims head.


This was one of the most interesting or should I say the most engaging Session till the day. Wrangler Denims are associated with Bike Company called Triumph : they together collaborate and reward a True Wanderer every year with a Free Trip to their Dream Destination. Gaurav Samanth was awarded the True Wanderer Trip amongst Us.

10.Inputs for Mahesh Murthy : Founder of Pinstorm  marked the End of the Session however there were a few keynotes given by him was under :

*Influential Marketing will always Influenzers which help in creating the Generic Effects and Penetration effects.

* It depends totally on you whether do you believe in creating short term goals and achieving them or Long term Goals and patiently working towards it

*The Number of Followers does not embark the Performance of the Influenzer

That marks the end of the SMWMumbai however it definitely has opened and skilled me with the different Social Media Keynotes and Insights which is not possible to cover in just one day but it will definitely be like having a Key Map to locate the Bigger Icons of Social Media.

P.S : Compared to the other posts you might find the pics a bit shabby and I am not liking it as I have clicked these from my Old Samsung Grand2 Phone.






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