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By March 8, 2016Journey

Let me brief you all about today’s post ; On Thursday ; Our Very Own Desi Traveler : had shared this Amazing post on Wildlife and Backyard Photography : which I took quite seriously 🙂 I was basically excited about trying it from my Backyard ( In Mumbai we cannot afford to have backyard but my Mom never gives up on that and maintains an Amazing Indoor and Outdoor Plants) and sharing those pics those ..

I may not be so good at explaining the techies like the Pro himself but I will try to manage something on this post ; which I had learned from the Blog post form which managed to click as per the Recipe shared by the Master.

First things first I grabbed my Camera Canon 700D which was again recommended by our Desi Traveler. I am not Photographer but I love to Capture Moments  to cherish 🙂 Okay so where were we , started looking around ; I could see the window bars ; building around but the lens managed to capture something which I earlier did not even notice. Here is Something which could Capture:

  1. The Beautiful Flowers : they were a Bunch of Red Beautiful Roses which are being pampered unconditionally.


This was clicked at 35-55mm lens at Shutter Speed : 1/50 and Aperture : 4.5 and ISO was auto

2. Angry Birds and Singing Bird: My home is among quite greenery around as per the Mumbai Standards.  We are not lucky to have Peahen in our vicinity but I adore listening to the Chirping of the Sparrows but I found an Angry Bird !! the eyes of the Sparrow says a lot. The Second Pic does tell us that the Sparrows do Chirp ; add a Serene Vibrancy in the surroundings.


The eyeful and the Chirpy Sparrow.


This was with the Zoom lens at Shutter-speed of 1/640 and aperture of 5.6 with ISO 200 for both the pics.

3.The Thirsty Crow : I know Crows are generally Black but this is really black ; may be I haven’t adjusted the Shutter-speed in accordance with the aperture of 5.6 ! haven’t edited  any pic as I want to share the original pics which I enjoyed clicking.


Should have clicked at Auto Mode.

4.Flower with Bees :  This was  the Tulsi (Holy Basel ) plant which will always find in the India Household but my Mom and Dad could not make out that this our Own Tulsi Flower.


The Tulsi Flower does attract Humming  Bee which I manged to see through the Zoom 55-250 lens.


I had just clicked 2-4 random shots of which I Managed to capture the flight 🙂

5.Vegetable Garden : We all love Oregano right !! but we love it to the next level 😀 this is the Oregano Plant, the leaves of this plant are dried : powered : wrapped to meet our Pizza and many Italian dishes.


This is the Bud of Oregano plant which will fetch flowers followed by (Ajawain) Carom seeds. This was again with the Zoom lens : 55-250 with beautiful bokeh

Water is Life ; Helping with Water is the biggest Help to all the Living Creatures in and on this planet. So here is a Mud Water Pot on our Kitchen Window. We are doing a bit what we can !!


Soon Realised I am getting a Beautiful Bokeh so could not resist clicking one more.


I really loved Clicking and Sharing these pics especially bcoz there is so much of beauty and Happiness all around and tend to be negligent about it. Nature is a Therapy in all forms truely. Do let me know your Views on the same.

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