Land of Dreams : Aspirations and Hopes … Drama Chaos Passion  Every Street Every Corner … That is the Bundle of Unexpected Treasure : The City of Mumbai for You !! Every City Every Town Every Village is Unique which can be experienced only when You feel it right. One such Street which I wanted to explore was the Mumbai Flower Market at Dadar.


The Colors : the Chaos : the Coolness totally steals your Heart Away at the First Sight. Every Step you takes you to a Different Color : Different Texture and Different Fragrance which does not fail to mesmerize you even for a Single Second !!

The Mumbai Flower Market is located Besides the Senapati Bapat Flyover in the Dadar West of the Western Railway.

So lets start our Beautiful Travelogue :

The First thing I noticed were the Roses : Red ones.


There were Professional Florists I tell you : pick your favorites and they will do the rest..


These are Gypsies : the White little ones and Pink are Pink Shevanti : which are available in 7 different Colors.


Prettiness is named Purple Leumonia 😀


Togetherness of different colors ; shapes and Sizes weaved into One !!


Our Daily Household Favourites Mariegold in White : Yellow : Saffron scattered with Rose Petals.


Guess what is it … Betelnut leaves : Paan Banares wale ka Base : Paan


Yellow Son Chafa the Highlight of  Mumbai Flower Market as it is widely popular amongst certain communities because of its Scenting Properties ; which is So Very strong that it can turn you insane any second.


Floral Ornaments Ladies , Pretty Hair Do *


There are the Chosen Ones for the Deities esp. Hibiscus for God Ganesha and Lotus for Goddess Laxmi.


Holy Basel.

The Place becomes beautiful by the efforts ; Work and the Vibes of Beautiful People who work in it and out towards it ! The Same applies for the Flower Market as well you will People Selling their Flowers for generations together.


I make People Pose wherever  I go 🙂

As I mentioned earlier there were Professional Florists right ; here are some who have shared their B.C with Me :

Santosh Flora:

Shyam Bhagat Flora : has their own website as well

P.S : There are some points which one needs to keep in mind :

  1. the Market opens up 3 a.m in the Morning : and closes by 9 pm at night.
  2. The Ideal time for going in with your Camera will 9 am to 11 am and 3:30 to 4:30 after which you cannot even manage to Enter the Place forget about Shooting there.
  3. there is a lot of hustle-bustle around almost all time of the Day ; so be careful about your Camera bag and the Lenses as it is prone to damage as the BMC enters any moment which forces the Flower Stalls to run away with their belongings.
  4. Wear a Good Pair of Running Shoes as you need to walk a bit and will protect you from being stamped.

I hope this Post adds a Fragrance and Vibrancy to all reading it and encourages many of us to Explore the Colorful Lanes of our  Own City because We will crib we want to travel ; go out and discover but we totally Neglect to explore the treasures scattered around us. Do let us know if you found this Post helpful.

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