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After Photography, if there is anything which can Calm my Chaos : It has to be Food ❤️ I do not exactly remember when did I officially learn Cooking bcoz born and brought in a Gujju Family : “Cooking is inherited in your Blood” as per my Mom. (Mom is actually right 😉

Ukdiche Modak Chillkaroyaar

This is how it turned out : Ukdiche Modak by Pooja Bhatt

Okay coming back to the Post : A Random Pic of Ukdiche Modak with the Recipe : from my College Professor Urged me to try my hand at it and it lead to “Making of Ukdiche Modak”  : A Tradional Maharashtrian Steamed Sweet Dumpling made of Rice Flour with Coconut Jaggery Stuffing. It has a really Soft and Melt in Mouth kinda texture ❤️

Ukdiche Modak Chill Karo Yaar

A Maharashtrian Speciality Sweet which is loved immensely by Lord Ganesha ❤️

I wanted to try this Dish since quite some time but couldn’t somehow manage to But When I had a look at the Recipe, it looked quite simple. Okay without any Fuss lets start with the Recipe of Ukdiche Modak :


1 Cup of Rice Flour

1/2 cup of Jaggery

1 freshly grated Coconut

1 pinch of Cardamam ( Eliachi Powder)

Salt to Salt and

4-5 tps of Oil

1 tp of Ghee.


You need to have the Fresh Coconut grated with a Scrapper so that we can fresh Semi-liquid Coconut milk as well.

Method :

Firstly Heat a Pan (most preferably with lid) and Add 1 Cup of Water with a pinch of salt and 1-2 tps of Oil. Once the Water starts Boiling  add that 1 Cup of Water and Mix it Well. Let the Flour boil for 10 minutes on a Slow Flame.

(The most important part is the Ratio of the Water to Flour which has to be 1:1! for every 1 cup of Water : 1 Cup of Flour , 2 cups of water : 2 cups of flour and so on)

In the Mean time, when the Flour is getting boiled on a Medium Flame take another Pan – Add 1 small tp of Ghee, grated coconut and Small cup of Jaggery or More ( as per your own taste ; as 1 Small cup is just perfect to taste) and saute it well till the mixture turns burnish in colour and dry in texture

Making of Ukdiche Modak Chill Karo Yaar

this is how it looks – Brown in Color!

This filling takes around 10 minutes to get ready so in the mean time our Dough is also ready! And its the time to take a break of another 10 minutes so that the dough and the filling cools down a bit.

Once the Dough cools down, it tastes Divine – I loved eating it just like that 😋 Now its time to take around 3 tps of oil to knead the dough nicely so that we can make balls of the Dough and evenly flaten it so that we can add the filling and seal it giving it the Shape of Modak.

There are various Moulds available in the Market too so dont why about the shape, if the dough turns out good, We have already suceeded!

We steam them in a Steamer or Pressure Cooker with the Jhalni also works well that is what I did!

We steam them for around 20 minutes!

and Tadaa They are Ready to Munch On after offerings to Bappa 🙌🏻

They were not the Best but totally something which turned really well.

I do try out different recipes but turned out Totally Yum plus its my All time favourite so sharing it here. In case of any query please feel to ping! I love to answer them as well 🙂

P. S : I had made Modaks with 1: 1 ratio of 1 cup Rice and 1 cup of Water, which makes around 12-14 medium sized Modaks which is like perfect for a Family of 4 people

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