Mango Delight at Haji Ali Juice Center

By July 13, 2017Being Foodie

Last Weekend, I down to my Memory Lane and visited the Very Haji Ali Dargah which is a Place of Solitude for everyone coming in With hope and Devotion from everywhere. A Blog post will follow soon! However after marking my Attendance to the Dargah Was Super Hungry (had actually planned that I will drop in at Haji Ali Juice Center) which is like One of the “Things to do In Haji Ali!”

Mumbai : Haji Ali Juice Center

Mumbai Haji Ali Center is the Ultimate Paradise for Any Foodlover who loves Season’s Fresh Fruits, Fruit Juices, Ice-Cream. They also have a Small Fast Food Menu added recently.

Without wasting anytime I stepped inside and Ordered Mango Milkshake. Apart from the Fresh Juices, 2 seasonal Items you cannot miss is : Strawberry Milksake in Autumns and Mango in Summers 😋

Haji Ali Juice Center Mango Milkshake

Mango Milkshake with Fresh Mango Pieces! 

Since Mango will leave in a Few Days…I had decided that I will celebrate the Farewell to Mango in style…

Mangomilkshake: Haji Ali Juice Center

the First Glimpse of Mango Milkshake 😍


Haji Ali Juice Center + Mango Milk Shake

Mumbai Haji Ali Juice Center : Mango Milkshake 😍

Since it was only 10:30 in the Morning, this one Super Glass of Milkshake was just Enough to Bring me back to Life! and It was Quite thick, and satisying. No need to have anything else.

It was priced at Rs 170 per Glass which I think was quite Over-priced but maybe Sipping it in the Lap of Baba Haji Ali makes it a bit Expensive 🤔 I guess.


I can have Mango all round the Year!

Another Attraction is their Variations : You can opt for Cream and Fresh Fruits (as per the season) as well if you Are a Cream Person : Likewise Cream with Mango, Strawberry etc. However I am not a Fan of Cream So Milkshake is just perfect for Me 😎

Mango Milkshake : Haji Ali Juice Center

Mango Milkshake cheers you up on a Super Gloomy Sweaty Mornings 😍

Stay tuned for the Post on Haji Ali to follow Soon!

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