We all scream for the Ice-Cream right ! Neither the Age nor the Time does not affect that Screaming at all. Of Late technology has taken a Front Seat in every Way of Life !! Food is no exception to it what so ever : The term Molecular Gastronomy implies to the Scientific Technology Advancement which gives the Traditional Style of Cooking A New Makeover !!

Okay We were discussing the Joys of Ice-cream right ; so the point is Ice-Cream is also prepared by applying this Molecular Gastronomy !! Had been to -301 degree C Nitro Ice-cream wherein the Ice-Cream is prepared in 2 ways :


  1. Nitrogen Jar : wherein the Cream base is kept under the Nitrogen jar
  2. Nitrogen Cold Pan : wherein the Cream base is cooked on the Cold Pan and Rolled

Both the ways of making Ice-Cream are quite Cool and both the process uses the temperature of –200 degree plus so it quite does justice to the Name of -301 degree. However I managed to shoot the Pan Ice-Cream which have shared in the below Link but the Nitro Jar process was patented so shooting is not quite allowed.


There are some Amazing Flavors ; and Sundae’s as well wherein you can Mix Cakes ; Your Toppings with your Ice-cream!! I had read quite some reviews which said Paan Masala and Oreo are their Must have Ice-creams.  So I quickly settled on Pan Masala 🙂 and I quite loved it !!


Looks Lovely and tasted even better while the topping of Gulkand and those Sprinklers were like icing on a Cake kinda experience !!


The Base of the Ice-Cream has this little traces of Pan Masala added to it that takes on the taste of the Ice-cream to a Totally New Level all together.


That was my Favorite Place at -301 with all kinds of different toppings : you can add  extra ones as per your wish but at an extra cost.

The Consistency of the Ice-Cream was super thick and the texture was granular but soft at the same time !! So it was quite different and refreshing change from the regular Ice-Cream. So do get it a try.

  1. P.S : the Pan Icreamlatte was priced at 90 Rs with 3 Ice-Cream Rolls.
  2. -301 degree is present PAN India so you google and find the store locator.


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