Finally, its that time of the year when We are most Happy to welcome the Showers and Drizzling Monsoons as the Sun God has blessed us way too much with his Warm Greetings.


The Only Good Part about Summers is that It marks the Entry of the King of Fruits : Mango 🙂 Many of us will agree that it is only the Arrival of Mangoes that makes the Trauma of Sun Bearable enough. We enjoy Mangoes in all Forms : Juice : Slices or just Raw. My favorite is Fresh Mango Juice in Morning : Afternoon and at Night.So when the Rain is marking its entry ; the time to give a Farewell to the Mangoes Arrive 🙂

From where I Stand : Last Mangoes of Season..

From where I Stand : Last Mangoes of Season..

The pain to be alone without Mangoes does prevail but the Fragrance of the Wet Soil around does not let you miss it even a single bit. So with the Sweet Memories of the Mangoes : I fetch my farewell date with Mangoes and yes I am joined by my Family.


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