Chocolate Masterclass with CadburysilkOreo !

By February 5, 2017Being Foodie

It was a beautiful Saturday Morning, and I was all set for the Chocolate Masterclass Workshop with Chef Michael Swamy along with the Launch of Silk Oreo in my Life!

Cadbury Chocolates refers to Joy,Happiness, Celebration πŸŽ‰ and Of Course Treating Ourselves right πŸ˜€ So when I got a chance to be Part of this Wonderful Launch; I bribed myself to Jet Set Go for the Love of Cadbury Silk 😍😍 as I will get to taste and as also tell people about it 🀘🏻Yeah…

Silk Oreo 😍😍 what a beauty !

So my hopes on this Workshop were sky high as I see the Chef with his Arms and Ammunitions I was left Spellbound πŸ™‚

Chef with his First Dish!

The First Dish was the Peppered Strawberries with Chocolate 🍫

The Dish with Caramalised Fruits looks so Tempting 😍

It was turning out to be Treasure hunt, Chef was just creating dishes Zoop zap and Surprise

Second one turned out to be Minty Chocolate 🍫

Amazing Workshop it was As everything revolved under this Amazing Cadbury Silk Oreo 😊

The Zebra Peppermint candy crushed with white Chocolate and Topped with Mint 😎

Chef had Magical Caramelised Fruits which works wonders for All the Deserts : that is the Chef πŸ‘¨β€πŸ³ secret tip which he had Shared…

How Colorful those Caramelised Fruits look ✨

Coming up next was the Chocolate Pizza πŸ• And it looks Inviting 😍to the Core…

Before Baking Scenes…

The Dishes which followed were the #DIY Dishes where The Silk Oreo was worshipped with all our heart and Soul…

Caramelised Orange with Silk Oreo 🍫

As It’s #DIY name : I will name it Fruits Hide n Seek with Chocolate 🍫

The Middle Session was taken over by @Mendelzindia Who Amazing updated us with the Idea of Merging the Sweet Proposal of Silk Chocolate with the Super Yumm Cookie πŸͺ Brand Oreo πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

What an Amazing concept – Silk and Oreo with a Crunch 🍫

Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk is one such product which cannot fail…as per the Pro ✌🏻Rightly said. And after that it was A Quick Lunch Session followed by A Good Bye πŸ‘‹ with a Lovely Hamper Of Oreo Silk A Cute Little Pen Drive and A Pen to note down the Memories ✨

It left me with Memories for Life!

P.S : I was invited personally by Food Bloggers Association of India to be Part of this Amazing Event !

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