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Coming back to the Blog-post We were invited to the Launch and Tasting Session of the Mediterranean Themed Rooftop “Opa!!ย BarCAfe and Kitchen.” see let’s go quickly to the 5quirky things that were bang on !!

place it is !!

place it is !!

1. Location is the Key : Located on the 7th Floor of Hotel Peninsula Grand bang opposite the Metro Station in the Lappy of Hotel Holiday Inn at of Saki Naka Andheri (east) makes it A Cool Place to reach-out for both the Central and Western Residing Mumbaikars !! Plus being in the close vicinity of International Airport make it a Good Deal Any Day.

bang-opposite Holiday Inn

You can actually peep-inn Holiday Inn ๐Ÿ™‚


2. Arabic- Gypsy Inspired Theme: The Mediterranean countries have this Unique Arabic Feel to their Culture ; the rooftop does wonders to this Arabic Gypsy Kinda Ambience while the Palm Trees on the Sides and the Sheesha running parallel to the Bar works Wonders on the Decor giving it a Very Subtle and Relaxed kind of Feeling.

the Persian- Arabian Inspired Themed bar

the Persian- Arabian Inspired Themed bar !!

3. The Booze and Sheesha : Drinks, Drinks and Drinks !! being the Heart and Soul of the Place definitely did not fail to impress each and each one present there at the Launch ๐Ÿ™‚ Especially the Rainbow Shots were the Rockstars ; enjoyed by majority. ย Be it Beer ; Champagne ; Gin ; Vodka ; etc…. or the Classy Cocktail Shangrila served in Mason- Jars or the Long Tea – if it is about booze it was there plus Sheesha was like Icing on a Cake Kinda Thingy.


the stunning Aligned Colorful Bar !

4. Mocktail and Kitchen: If you think you can Chill here only with the Hard-drinks – you are not quite right. There were some classic Mocktails to the Rescue for Non-drinkers like us. Be it the Classic Passion-Fruit or the Newly experimented Ginger on Pineapple Wall. Kitchen also proves to be savior as they have the Old School Platter included in the Menu including our very own Platters.


the Classic Fruit Punch !!

5. Meeting and Greeting the Fellow Bloggers: You know the Feeling right when you are following the Work of the Great Foodies and when you actually meet those faces behind those Blogs. Yess, yess that same feeling (conditions apply if you are popular blogger) you are the blah blah… I am following you ๐Ÿ™‚ but the feeling of meeting the same bunch of Passionate Bloggers always gr8.

meet Anupama from @eatsleepreviewrepeat !!

meet Anupama from @eatsleepreviewrepeat !!

Okay coming to the Pros and Cons of the Launch ; being the very first show for the team , the attendants and helpers needed to be reminded of the Orders repetitively. The Mocktails were not gr8 they were overpowered by Either Sugar or Ginger. So these were just 2 notes which I have other than that the Service was just perfect ; right from the Help-Desk to My Host-Sneha who ensured I am just at home. So Kudos to the Entire Team of OpaCafeBar take a Bow and be our perfect Hosts of all the Foodie Mumbaikars like Me ๐Ÿ™‚



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