Restaurant Review : Spice Republic

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13 August happens to be My Papa’s Bday So this time : We had planned that we will go in for A New Place for a Treat which has all the Molecular Gastronomy Methods to Amaze us : to thrill us : to surprise us ; Above to Cheat on Our Vegan Diet and go in a Celebration Mood 💫

We stay in the Suburb of Borivali which makes the Northern End of Mumbai. Finding in : the Happening Cafes, Pubs and Lounges here was a difficult task some 5 years ago but today all thanks to the Social Media : No place in Mumbai or Rather No place in the World is left aloof of the Latest Trends and Happening in Food Culture!

The Entrance : Spice Republic Borivali west!

Okay enough of that Gyaan, let me share the Insights of this Place Called : Spice Republic in Borivali! It happens to have to be called as Pub and its first branch at Byculla in South Bombay however it is Fully Veg!

Spice Republic Borivali west!

The Decor was Innovative and Colorful too!

The Decor and the Ambience takes you back in the Era when #SOCIAL was launched in India! Rock Rustic kinda Ambience and Vibes! Chairs and Lights made out of Iron Pipes remember.

Decor : Spice Republic Borivali west

the Lights add that Charm to the Decor

Coming to the Food Part : There is Cocktail of all the  Cuisines of the Worlds together i.e From Shravan Thali to Waffles to American Corn Chaat to Punjabi Main Course and Daal to the Famous Molecular Mumbai Chaat! to the Refreshing Mocktails You find everything under One Roof!

Spice Republic - Borivali west

Prettiness on the Table

After a Bit of Analysis from the Menu, We settled on the Starter :

Smoky – Hariyani Paneer : It was served with the Covered Smoky Hot Charchoel, it was kinda shot for us As we had actually started hunting on the Feast.

starter - Spice Republic Borivali west

Smoky Hariyali Paneer

Crispy Paneer ( You can guess we are Paneer lovers😍) The Outer Layer was perfectly Crisp but too loaded on Oil and however cutting them into smaller pieaces was difficult!

Starter-Spice Republic

Crispy Paneer 😍

Khichya Roasted Masala Papad – which stole the Show : The Papad was Roasted to perfection, the Veggies were loaded in moderation so that there is No Fall and littering around and taste was ❤️

Starters - Spice Republic Borivali west

Starters from the left Khichiya Papad and Crispy Paneer !

After the Starters, We were in the Mood of Handi Veg Biryani :

The Biryani with A Cup of Raita and Papad was totally Rich in flavour and Aroma, the soft aroma of Elaichi was refreshing while the Smoky taste of Garlic melted graviously. It was a treat of Fragrance and taste!

Biryani Handi wali - Spice Republic Borivali west

Birayani ❤️

Next up for the Veg Kebab Sizzler : Total Disaster : We had ordered Wondering that the It will be loaded with Kebabs like We have in it Kebab Platter however it turned to a Sad nightmare : It has just 4 pieces of Green Kebab : 4 pieces of Veggies, loaded with just Plain Rice!

Let Past be Past okay 😉 up next was Tried and tested Swiss Fondue! I knew you cannot go Wrong with Cheese isn’t it.

Swiss Fondue - Spice Republic Borivali west

Swiss Fondue was styled So Well!

However to my surprise, the Fondue was Good, the bread pieces were Crisp however most of Veggies were missing : I could not find any Veggie all I could find was French Fries! The Candle also failed to be lit as  the Flaps of the Ac came right next to our Table. Never the leas it was more of Pav Bhaji Fondue was the Pieces of Bread Overpowered.

Swiss Fondue -Spice Republic Borivali west

Flatlay – Swiss Fondue

Eat your Dessert First ! that proved to be our Savior for yesterday. The Desert was also Tried and Tested Sizzling Brownie with Ice-Cream! There was No scope for any kinda Disaster here and Yes! This proved to be the Paisa Vasool Desert totally ❤️

Sizzling Brownie with Ice-Cream : Spice Republic Borivali west

Sizzling Brownie with Ice-Cream

We are a Family of 4 So this happened to be a Perfect Feast Celebration for Us which was neither that Heavy nor Stomach on the Apetitide!

The Bill came down to Rs : 2234 including all the taxes! Distributing among 4 comes down to Rs 460 p.p. Which is not that Good but not that bad too espcially when that Day happens to be your  Loved Ones Bday Haina!

I will suggest, do go out and try this Place only for the Effort of Bringing in the Fancy of Molecular Gastronomy to Suburbs of Borivali!

Photostory : Sweet Humans of India!

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Delights of Road-tripping is that You can stop anywhere and Wander! It was the February Roadtrip wherein I had made it to Middle of Nowhere in the Heart of Gir Wildlife Sanctuary Wherein I found this Cute Jaggery Making Factory (Chichodo as said in Gujarati) was located!

Generally the Jaggery Making Units are generally functional between the November -February as the Sun is not that Harsh!

Ever Wondered why is it So Sweet…. I may say bcoz of the People who Work Much Harder than We can Imagine to Make it for Us!

Cuteness overload!

We all have a Dabba full of Jaggery isn’t : Granular, Semi-Liquid in Texture, Rocky-Rusty in Color : Pretty Thich in Consistency Quite – The Big Brother of Sugary Sis ; Jaggery it is!

Okay,in this post let me take take you on the Tour of the Process of Making of the Jaggery as it is quite Exciting to actually see it being made in front of One’s eyes!

Gir Wildlife Sanctuary!

As I enter, find heaps and heaps of Sugarcanes stacked!

I was informed that there is Family of around 10 people who have Come down all the Way from M.P to Gujarat for this Project. It was around 11 a.m and the Sun was Crisp, Sharp and over my Head! As I enter I find So many ladies working there : My Heart beats in Pride!

Jaggery Making Unit!

Sugarcane is put down in the Sugar-Cane Processing Unit which all have seen while having Sugar-cane juice right!

This is a Bit Bigger Unit – that’s the Only Difference!

Jaggery making unit!

Sugar-Cane Juice Unit!

Okay from here, the process starts – the Juice Cane Juice is tranported to this BIG Underground Ovens – You have 3 Pans holding around 25- 30 litres of Sugar-cane juice in each of them.

Jaggery Making Unit!

The Juice enters the Cooking Pans!

These Cooking Pans, are constructed Underground! these are heated heated and heated in three different Pans…

Jaggery Making Unit!

the 3 hot pans where the Juice is transferred consecutively!

The First Pan has a slightly lesser temperature where the Juice is stirred evenly and transferred to the Next Pan 2 which has the Higher temperature than Pan 1!

the stirring process!

In the Pan 2- the Impurities are taken away, White Color is also added to the Jaggery to Beautify the Bio-product! Over a period of Seconds, the juice starts Heating up- boiling and the Juice begins to Harden!

The Impurities are taken away!

Juice is then transferred to Pan 2 to Pan 3 how – By Human Forces!

The Transfer!

In the Last Pan, the continuous stirring happens and the Juice is almost in the Semi-Solid Condition

when you look at something like this – Jaggery seems like Magic to Me 🙂

this is one of the Most Traumatic Phase for a Human!

As Sun starts fiercely heating up so does the Oven and the People working on it! At this Stage, the Jaggery is almost done. This Semi-liquid Jaggery is drown to the Pass-away from behind. This Hide-out place is used for Cooling it down!

Stored in a Cool Shady Place, and transferred to Storage Containers!

It is beaten up and agained transferred to a Last Compartment where the Jaggery “Lived Happily Ever After Types !”

The Final Stage looks like this!

From here : the Jaggery is packed in Boxes and transportated to the Different Parts of the Country.

the Jaggery is Done!

This is the End is it! Not exactly. Remember the Sugar-Cane is being Juiced and the Residue laying in the Dust-Bin here the Story is Completely different and Inspiring!

The Residue Thrash is collected ✌🏻 and spread over a Stretch of Land under the Sun was a Sun-Bath.

The Thrash Residue is collected by Ladies : and Dumped into a Backyard. It stays around here for A Day for Sun-drying after which it is used as the One of Fuel for the Underground Oven! Thoughtful isn’t it*

There is Beauty in Every Corner of this Place!

The Process is So Simple yet Beautiful. The Efforts and the Perservance of the People working towards add that Special Sweetness to Jaggery I guess that May be One of the Reason – that Jaggery is more tastier than Sugar.( I gguess)

After being Sun-bathed for a Couple of Days..the thrash is used as the Fuel for the Under-ground Oven!

While being hopping in and around the Unit, I found this Bundle of Joy *_*

In the middle of Nowhere, I find Cutenes 🙂

This Small Bubli Boo : Raja was 7 months old (as on Feb 😅) and his Eyes – He was the Complete Delight and Star-Attraction of this Trip! He actually gave me a One reason to love what I do : Blog 🙂

The Jaggery is also sold here : I got one only and only looking at the Sincere Efforts of the People working Day in and Out at this Project leaving their Hometown and living in the Middle of the Jungle.

P.S All the Pics are edited on @Googlesnapseed App

Flight of Flamingoes Chill Karo Yaar

Beautiful Encounter with Flamingoes!

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If You are following me right on all Social Media Platforms, you might know that One of My Recent Post got featured on India and Also Our   featured One!  and that Pic I had captured on the Day of my Cousin’s Wedding Reception 🙈 this was One!

Porbander Pink Flamingoes

The First Glimpse of Beautiful Pink Flamingoes

Dont ask me about the Drama after the Photowalk 😅 it is hilarious at times when people pull your leg for your Crazy Passion called “Photography!” I can write a Blog post on that but We are here for sharing the Beautiful Encounter isn’t 😉

Porbander Flamingoes Chill Karo Yaar

This was the first Over-view when I reached this Place – Chhaya near Port of Porbander

Okay Coming to the Place, My Roadtrip from Bombay ended at Porbander (Birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi) for my Sisters Wedding. However I had researched that this Village- Chhaya located at the Tip of Port of Porbander is Home of Thousands and Thousands of Flamingoes 😍

Flamingoes Porbander

Wherever I could see- I find Flamingoes ❤️

The Flamingoes were quite near to the Land but I had the Canon Kit Lens of 55-300mm which does a limitation of the Distance so as I decide to go distant, my feet goes down inch my inch due to the Marshy Wetland and I was in an UTTER- Mess. Actually I thought that the land I was standing was A Land infact it was the Marshy Wetland 🙄 my Diamond stunned Kolhapuris RIP  But when I look up….they start flying! I could not stop laughing 😛

Porbander Flight of Flamingoes

The Flight

And I could not ask for anything else in the World 🙂 The People around saw in a Mess Situation and guided me theough the Wetland, After walking for around 10 minutes I found a Place which lead me to the Flamingoes.


These three Meet, Shristi and Paarth ❤️ helped Me with all these Amazing Shots 🙌🏻

Okay, once these three had shown me the way to the Flamingoes, I could capture Something!

Porbander Flamingoes

Birds and Colors…

You can also see the Thrash thrown Away! As Soon as I saw this Tiny little Bird, reflectiongram was the first thing which came to to my Mind!

Porbander Flamingoes

Reflections are So Calming ❤️

and One More please 🙂

Porbander Flamingoes

I cannot Caption this ❤️

Somewhere in the Middle, I just stop the Camera, look around and all I did was Close my Eyes : Cherish and Lock the Landscape in front of Me!

Porbander Flamingoes

The Sun was just about to Set and the Colors were pouring in!

And I was not getting Enough of it….

Porbander Flamingoes

One more Frame please!

Within some Fraction of Seconds, the Sun disappears and All I see is…..

Porbander Flamingoes

They are going Home.

Some of the Flamingoes diappeared while there were quite some Many there! However the time was running out and All I could hear was the Hammering from my Mom and my Brothers so It was the Time to say Adios 🙏🏻 till we Meet Somewhere On Earth 🤗

Our Crew 😉 My 2 brothers on the Sides with cutes!

Recipe Post : Ukdiche Modak!

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After Photography, if there is anything which can Calm my Chaos : It has to be Food ❤️ I do not exactly remember when did I officially learn Cooking bcoz born and brought in a Gujju Family : “Cooking is inherited in your Blood” as per my Mom. (Mom is actually right 😉

Ukdiche Modak Chillkaroyaar

This is how it turned out : Ukdiche Modak by Pooja Bhatt

Okay coming back to the Post : A Random Pic of Ukdiche Modak with the Recipe : from my College Professor Urged me to try my hand at it and it lead to “Making of Ukdiche Modak”  : A Tradional Maharashtrian Steamed Sweet Dumpling made of Rice Flour with Coconut Jaggery Stuffing. It has a really Soft and Melt in Mouth kinda texture ❤️

Ukdiche Modak Chill Karo Yaar

A Maharashtrian Speciality Sweet which is loved immensely by Lord Ganesha ❤️

I wanted to try this Dish since quite some time but couldn’t somehow manage to But When I had a look at the Recipe, it looked quite simple. Okay without any Fuss lets start with the Recipe of Ukdiche Modak :


1 Cup of Rice Flour

1/2 cup of Jaggery

1 freshly grated Coconut

1 pinch of Cardamam ( Eliachi Powder)

Salt to Salt and

4-5 tps of Oil

1 tp of Ghee.


You need to have the Fresh Coconut grated with a Scrapper so that we can fresh Semi-liquid Coconut milk as well.

Method :

Firstly Heat a Pan (most preferably with lid) and Add 1 Cup of Water with a pinch of salt and 1-2 tps of Oil. Once the Water starts Boiling  add that 1 Cup of Water and Mix it Well. Let the Flour boil for 10 minutes on a Slow Flame.

(The most important part is the Ratio of the Water to Flour which has to be 1:1! for every 1 cup of Water : 1 Cup of Flour , 2 cups of water : 2 cups of flour and so on)

In the Mean time, when the Flour is getting boiled on a Medium Flame take another Pan – Add 1 small tp of Ghee, grated coconut and Small cup of Jaggery or More ( as per your own taste ; as 1 Small cup is just perfect to taste) and saute it well till the mixture turns burnish in colour and dry in texture

Making of Ukdiche Modak Chill Karo Yaar

this is how it looks – Brown in Color!

This filling takes around 10 minutes to get ready so in the mean time our Dough is also ready! And its the time to take a break of another 10 minutes so that the dough and the filling cools down a bit.

Once the Dough cools down, it tastes Divine – I loved eating it just like that 😋 Now its time to take around 3 tps of oil to knead the dough nicely so that we can make balls of the Dough and evenly flaten it so that we can add the filling and seal it giving it the Shape of Modak.

There are various Moulds available in the Market too so dont why about the shape, if the dough turns out good, We have already suceeded!

We steam them in a Steamer or Pressure Cooker with the Jhalni also works well that is what I did!

We steam them for around 20 minutes!

and Tadaa They are Ready to Munch On after offerings to Bappa 🙌🏻

They were not the Best but totally something which turned really well.

I do try out different recipes but turned out Totally Yum plus its my All time favourite so sharing it here. In case of any query please feel to ping! I love to answer them as well 🙂

P. S : I had made Modaks with 1: 1 ratio of 1 cup Rice and 1 cup of Water, which makes around 12-14 medium sized Modaks which is like perfect for a Family of 4 people