A Sunset at Dadar Chowpatty

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Dadar Chowpatty – one of the Not so famous beach of Mumbai! But Unlike Juhu Beach or Girgaum Chowpatty is Less Crowded and Surely is a Photographers Delight!

Mumbai – Dadar Chowpatty has a View to Die For ✨

The Bandra-Worli Sea-Links Main Heart and Structure lies Perpendicular from Dadar Chowpatty and that makes it like a Cherry on the Cake kinda Experience 🍒

Mumbai Dadar Chowpatty during the Golden Hour 🌤

I reached around 6pm at the Beach however being Summers : the Sun generally Sets around 7-7:15 So you can accordingly plan your Visit to witness some of the Epic Sunsets!

Dadar Chowpatty – the Colors Play 🌤

In a Blink of a Few Seconds, the gushing Waves and Sparkling Water took over all over me and all I was left with is the Stunning seducing Views like this ❤️

Dadar Chowpatty – the Sun tried a bit of Hide and Seek!

But I did keep a Track of it : Bcoz it is Bad Manners to keep the Sun Waiting to be Clicked isnt it 😉

Dadar Chowpatty- when the Sun is about to Take Off in Between the Triangle!

The Heart and Mind both were totally confused : should I lock these memories in my Heart and Throw away the keys or Should I Capture them in My Camera!

Dadar Chowpatty – Sunset : A Took the Advice of my Heart and clicked this Shot!

There were loads of Clouds popping in here and there which drizzled as well 💕 but the Sunset was totally Romantic ❤️ the colors of the Sky, Clouds the Sun Epic 🙌🏻

Dadar Chowpatty – Sunset the Vertical Perspective!

At Dadar Chowpatty – You have these Beautiful Arches where you can sit and Have the Time of Your Life!

Dadar Chowpatty – If you are Sunset Lover like me! this Place is for you.

There are a lot of Food Stalls and Horse Carrier Rides as well. I guess with the Sunset I almost attained Nirvana! I could not ask for anything More With the Beautiful Colors and Sky offering us Endless Ways to Pamper and Inspire – I did not want to leave this  Place 🙄

Dadar Chowpatty – The Lights were Lit and the time was to leave 🤕

How to Reach!

Roads : Since Google Maps and Uber, Ola have made our Life easy – this can be done No Marks for guessing.

Rails : Dadar being the Bum of Mumbai, its easily accessible for all Central, Western and Harbour Line Locals! and from there Dadar Chowpatty is walkable around 10 minutes from Dadar Station!

Things to Do!

There are loads of Good Food Options available at Dadar Chowpatty which is next to Shivaji Park :

Waffles, Ice-Cream, Coffeeshops, Fine Dine to Restaurant! But My Heart beat for Waffles So the Next thing  we need was http://instagram.com/thebelgianwaffleco

Shivaji Park outlet of thebelgianwafflesco : Nutella Waffles in the Frame!

After that waffles, time to head back Home ❤️


Parrot and his Lovestory!

Love-Birds ❤️

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While I was Away traveling this Summer, at My Nanajis place – I spotted a Parrot hanging there and here on the Roof , Very quickly I took my Camera 🎥 off and started clicking…here is the Story- story.


Parrot, How Colorful this creature is!

It was cuddling, that is what I guessed after a few seconds…


I had never imagined Parrot like this!

This Shot fancied me totally, it was a Such a Delight to watch the Parrot with his Colorful Wings sorry it was A Female One! (Called Hen)

While at the Tree next to the Roof was someone waiting…..


As He noticed me Clicking…look at this Expressions😛

He was continuously trying to make-out where Am I….

Parrot and his Investigation!

The Investigation is evident!

While hanging, sitting and itching he is looking around : Is Someone around –

Parrot and his Cute Ada!

This is So Cute! Shahrukh Style😍

While no-one is around, and I am hiding the Hen from the Roof comes down to this Branch of the Tree :

Parrot and his Lovestory!

The Love-Birds❤️

In a Moment or So…..

Parrot and Hen Kiss 😘

Kiss – the Moment is Freezed!

At this Happened! And I slowly moved away from them as they too Need their Privacy you know 😀 and I experienced something Way to Magical ; As I Honoured to witness this Amazing Love-story ❤️

Mahashivratri Mela Junagadh

Mahashivratri of Junagadh = Mini Kumbh Mela in Pics

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Shivratri Mela held in  Junagadh Gujarat is one of its Kind. It starts with 5 Days Coutdown and Ends exactly on Midnight of Mahashivratri 🙌🏻 What makes it So Super Unique is the Presence of Naga Bawas in Huge Huge Numbers.

Mahashivratri Mela Junagadh

The First Divine Darshan of Naga Bawa -Mahashivratri Mela Junagadh 🙏🏻

Naga Bawajis are generally present in those 5 days of Shivatri No Melo in their Akhadaas. This Mela is one of those Divine Phenomena other than Kumbh Mela wherein – Bawaji come down to the Foothills of Girnar to be a Part of this Super Majestic Celebration “Mahashivratri Mela”

Mahashivratri Mela Junagadh

This is how their Akhadaas look like ✨- Mahashivratri Mela Junagadh

From where exactly do they come and where are they upto is quite a “Mystery ” in itself ! They are said to be Wandering and Meditating To and From Hills of Himalayas to Girnar ✨

Mahashivratri Mela Junagadh

Finally the Smoke 💨- Mahashivratri Mela Junagadh

Naga Bawajis belong to that Mystical Shiv Panth : whose only Aim in Life is Leading a Life which will impress : Reach out to Lord Shiva 🙌🏻 who is said to be the Ultimate truth of Creation – Survival – Death ✨

Lord Shiva - Mahashivratri Mela Junagadh

Lord Shiva ✨

Why and How did the Mahashivratri Mela start in Girnar –

The Mountain Ranges of Girnar is the Home to Lord Guru Datatre  🙏🏻

Guru Datatre Chowk - Junagadh Mahashivratri Mela Junagadh

Guru Datatre

Lord Datatre is said to be the Principal of Mystical Aesthetic World : according to the Locals he is present in the Mahashivratri Mela for 5 long Days in the Form of Naga Bawaji.

Maha Shivratri Mela Junagadh

The Celebration of the Naga Bawajis makes Shivaratri ka Mela so Unique!

Naga Bawaji’s : Being the Disciples of Lord Shiva : mark their presence Anniversary of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati And Are called as Shivji ke Baraati ✨

Junagadh Mela Junagadh

The Huge Procession of Naga Bawas – they are said to be Shivji ke Baraati 🙌🏻

As the Sun Sets on the Mahashivratri : the Procession (Baraat) held by Priests, Aesthetics and above Naga Sadhus start leaving their Akhadaas. While leaving the Akhadaas they do Entertain themselves

Mahashivratri Mela Junagadh

This Bawaji started shooting with the Bows and Arrows….

Mahashivratri Mela Junagadh

One of my Fav Click – Mahashivratri Mela Junagadh

and why not Officially it’s their Time to Shine And Officially join the Baraat !

Mahashivratri Mela Junagadh

Celebrations are Celebrated no matter by whom and How -Mahashivratri Mela Junagadh

Mahashivratri Mela Junagadh

While in Action – Mahashivratri Mela Junagadh

The Baraat heads towards the Bhavnath Temple wherein – there is Kund called as Mrugi Kund.

Mrugi Kund Junagadh

Mrugi Kund – Bhavnath Temple Junagadh

As in Kumbh Mela : the Holy Bath occupies a Special Importance of the Divine Experience ; in the Same Way Here the Holy Dip in the Mrugi Kund has to be exactly at 12 am. It is the Time for the Maha-Arti at Midnight which is supposed to the Beginning of the Shahi-Snan for the Yogis and the Bawajis.

Mahashivratri Junagadh

the Divine Arti of Bhavnath at Midnight of Mahashivratri is an Experience in itself !


Yogis and Bawajis start gathering up for the Shahi Snan ✨

Mahashivratri Mela Junagadh

Chaos and the Holy Dip Mahashivratri Mela Junagadh

Mahashivratri Mela Junagadh

The Shahi Snan Mahashivratri Mela Junagadh

Mahashivratri Mela Junagadh

Before the Holy Dip of Yogis : Lord Guru Datatre is being Worshipped! Mahashivratri Mela Junagadh

Mahashivratri Mela Junagadh

The Holy Dip in Mrugi Kund . Mahashivratri Mela Junagadh

Mahashivratri Mela Junagadh

the Deep Mrugi Kund appeared to be a Swimming Pool – Mahashivratri Melancholy Junagadh

When I was about to plan for this Trip, I booked my tickets twice and cancelled as I was not sure whether “Will I able to click Pics of the Naga Bawaji’s as Ladies are generally not allowed ” but Somehow gathered all the Strength and went ahead with it 🙂 This trip would not have been without the Editorial team of http://www.divyabhaskar.co.in/ and my Biggest Supporters : My Family <3

Mystical and Mythological Connection of Girnar Mountain Ranges

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Junagadh is the Home or rather Gateway to the Girnar Mountain Ranges which are the said to be the Oldest Mountain Ranges in India. It has its Mystical and Mythological Roots hidden quite  deep in the History of time much more before the birth of Mighty Himalayas.

When and How did it Envolve –

It is also evolved out of the Deposition of Lava which turned into Rock-Solid Mountain as per the Locals. However there are no official records or History which can state it evolution.

Why exactly Girnar Ranges –

Girnar finds its Mention in the Mahabharata – Where The Pandavas had come and paid a visit to the GuruDatatre Temple located at the Tip of the Girnar Mountains.

The Temple of Guru Datatre Holds a Special Importance bcoz Guru Datatre is of the Lord who is Immortal and He marks his Presence to the Beginning and Ends of All Yugas. Hence it plays home to 33crore God,Goddesses -Yaksha,Yakshinis all put together.

It is believed that all the Immortal Saints of the World mark their presence here at the Girnar.

And in those 5 Days of Mahashivratri Fair – It is believed that Lord Shiva himself alongwith the Immortal Lords are definitely present in some form or another.

Remember the Character of Ashthama – who was cursed by Lord Krishna to be repenting till the end of the Time, it is believed that He is the First one to come and pray to the Guru Datatre first in the Morning. Many Television channels have done a Sting Operation there – to investigate Is it real or some kind of Misleading info however they did prove that Someone comes down here!

Girnar has its Strategic Importance in terms of Being a Bridge which joins the the Aesthetic Yogis, Naga Sadhus from the Himalayas to the Mahashivratri Mela in Gujarat.

It is the Connection which keeps Yogis and Aesthetic Yogis and Naga Sadhus rooted here on the Same Paper alongwith the Himalayas.

It is also plays home to Innumerable Mythological Lords and Divine Bodies of the Cosmic World. It has been the Hub for  Mystical Yogis and Sadhus from Ages. The Holy Akhaadas Which are present in the Lap of Himalayas do have their One Wing in the Lap of Girnaras well. It is quite possible that you spot a particular Yogi in Varanasi and he might be present here at the Mahashivratri Mela!

Okay We are now Clear with how the Town of Junagadh & Girnar are connected to Himalayas and What is Connection between the them But why do they have a Mahashivratri Mela here finally !

Why is Mahashivratri Mela celebrated here and what is the Role of so many Aesthetic Yogis and Naga Sadhus to be present here –

It is believed that Once While Lord Shiva alongwith Goddess were passing through these Girnar Ranges