Who is Pooja Bhatt !!

Was a Travel Sales and Marketing Professional with a P.G Degree in Travel Tourism specializing in Destination Planning and Management Inbound and Outbound ! Worked with some of the Finest Travel Super brands like CNK India and Makemytrip.com for about 5 years. The Job at times completely Squeezed her and that was the time : ” She decided she has a Make a Sweet Lemonade of it ” 🙂

She just took her wings out and it is been a Year from then this Girls Hops in at Cool Places in and Out : Travels as frequently as possible : Attends Product Launch : Reviews Cool Restaurants : Shops here and there and above all Instagram’s that !! And if that is enough Blogs it here.

Totally obsessed with her New Canon 700D ; Nowadays She just Roams around with that Camera and Clicks Possibly anything and Everything 🙂 Spam her Photos on all the Possible Social Platforms (sigh)

Moreover Currently She is the Travel and Food Advisory  for her Near and Dear Ones As She is Flooded with questions like:

*Yeah Blogger help with Cool Weekends which are Long Drivable

*Which is the New Restaurant coming up in this Vicinity

*What are the Things to do in Mumbai

*How did you meet Master Chef Ranveer Brar : How does He Look ,He is my Favorite – pass on my regards !!

*Wow You went for an Event at ….How is it !! Share Some Pics.

*Want to go a Family Holiday this Summer preferably a Beach Destination and with this Budget !!

*Help with the Flight and Bus Bookings !! How can DIY : is there any App !!

Many many more… Chillkaroyaar.com is my Personal  Space wherein I share Cool Travel : Food and Lifestyle Chill Pills.

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